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Ibanez Promethean 1x10 VS MB CMD 1x12 VS GB Shuttle 6.0 12T

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Musicman20, May 16, 2011.

  1. Which combo would you choose and why?

    In the UK, the Ibanez is MUCH cheaper.

    I dont like the fact the Markbass has no practice inputs/headphone etc.
  2. Do you want a removable head? Will you be wanting to add an external cabinet?

    If 'compact' is your priority - go with the Ibanez. If tone is priority go with the GB. Forget the power rating on the amps - the cabinets on these will peak out way before that.

    I picked up a GK MB112 on the weekend. IMO a better tone than the Markbass at a third of the price. Granted - the Markbass has a far better EQ... and is probably a higher quality amp - but with these little practice amps it's the quality of the cabinet engineering which is the major factor. With the Markbass a sizeable chunk of the box is taken up by the LMII amp in the back.... and IMO.... it sounds like it.

    * The MB112 has aux in, and headphone out but no external cabinet. Having previously used an older MBE112(?) I was expecting the same old hissy sound trough headphones but the MB112 is much MUCH better.
  3. JdoubleH

    JdoubleH Supporting Member

    Jul 10, 2008
    Ellerslie, Georgia
    I've got the Genz shuttle 6 12t. Love it and got it super cheap (US, $669). It's exactly what I need at home for practice with the benefit of a removable and capable head which I can use with any cab (s). The amp saddle is removable too, so I could use it on another cabinet for a bigger combo. Speaking of aux-in and headphone out, I am also very impressed how well it works as a headphone amp- though part of that equation is the fact that the head is so tiny and weighs so little.

    As far as which combo - I don't think I'd buy a combo unless the head was removable. The micro heads are so good and so reasonably priced (at least state side), that it would be really easy to pair any of them with an inexpensive 10 or 12" cabinet from any manufacturer- even you (DIY). Then if you need something a little louder you can gig with, that's an easy fix too. Not only that, but these little amps are tiny and super light- mine easily fits in the front pocket of my gig bag.
  4. Thanks guys. Im taking the Shuttle 6.0 12T off my list because its too expensive over here unfortunately...(almost £1000!).

    Im not 100% sold on the Promethean. Something just doesnt work out for me. Im analyse far too much, and I think at that price, something has got to give!

    I do like the quality you get with Markbass...thats what attracts me to it. I sold my LM3 for the SL900 from Genz, and the Streamliner is a GREAT amp, but I do miss the LM3 occasionally because it was so easy...I never touch the EQ.

    Another option might be to get a LM3 or F500 and a small Markbass cabinet. Hmmm!

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