Ibanez RD500 Bass For trade - SOLD

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  1. I bought it this year around Feburary. Great bass!! I bought it for a metal project that never took off the ground. So I just play it around the house once in a while. But I mostly play my 5 string, because thats what I need for my current band. It has Elixir strings which still sound brand new.

    RD4 neck
    Maple Neck Material
    Basswood w/ Quilted Maple top Body
    24/Medium frets
    Rosewood Finger Board
    Accu-Cast B200 bridge
    2 Band EQ

    So if you are interested let me know what u got. I don't care. I'm looking for fretless basses, Preamps, cabs, anything bass!!
  2. bump....ill sell it outright for 250.00 and go half on shipping.
  3. Planet Boulder

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    PM sent
  4. mlwarriner

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    Nov 8, 2003
    KC, MO, USA
    PM sent.

    (i know it's a little old, but there's no updates on the status of the bass)
  5. bass was sold two weeks ago..sorry

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