Ibanez Soundgear Question!?

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  1. My buddy has an Ibanez soundgear which he is selling for $200 but I know for a fact it is worth much more than that, it's a neck-thru, P/J pickup arrangement, 3 band EQ and has the pearloid inlay of the ibanez prestige series. The bass is in prestine condition, it's absolutely flawless! The only problem is I don't know the number, like e.g. SR645 or a SR1006. So if there are any pics of Ibanez neck thru's or websites with ibanez specifications, b/c they don't make this bass anymore, it has been discontinued, please send me the info so I can help myself or my friend from not being bilked by someone like me. Thanx a lot.
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    At $200, I'd buy it (if I were you). Get the nomenclature later. Perhaps post some pics of it here, and an Ibanez afficionado is sure to surface.
  4. I'd hit that. Sell it for a 300% profit later on if you decide it's not for you.

    If it's a Prestige model and a neck-through it's probably a 1200.
  5. Hey munji, I'll def try to post some pics, however I'm not really interested in it b/c it's a 4 string and I'm more of a 6 string guy, I play a lot of jazz and tapping stuff and I don't limit myself to a 4 string bass you know what I mean?
  6. Id still buy it anyways. At that price, you could just turn around and sell it for a lot more than $200, maybe to someone on TB.
  7. Hey Ryan, the guy who is selling it is a good friend of mine and I wouldn't want to let him get beat out of that bass, I am just trying to find information on it, it's not at ibanez.com and I couldn't find a pic on harmony central.com