Ibanez SR 1200

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  1. anyone know anything about ibanez sound gear 1200s? i heard they stopped making them in like 96, but i was at a guitar expo thing today, and this guy had one and it was neck through design, Active electronics, and he said list was like 1200, but hes sellin it for 600 wit a hard case. does it sound like a good deal?
  2. never mind. i bought it and im happy wit it.
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    Mar 27, 2001
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    hehe cool.
    Anyway, your bass has a 5 piece Maple Wenge Neck-Trough neck on a Flame Maple body.
    Active DX or PJ Pickups (depending on the number of strings) and either the 2 band or 3 Band with VariMid Eq.

    You know the rest.
  5. hahaha gotta love that. no one even got a chance to reply and you already bought it. hahahaha now that a real bass player. hahahaha
  6. lol. the stupid thing is its a christmas present from my parents and i picked it out when i wuz there with them and i dont get it till christmas. so now i already kno what im getting for christmas and i dont get it till then!!!
  7. oh that's gotta suck. but be extreamly cool at the same time. ahhhhh I would be going insane