Ibanez SR 505?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by IotaNet, Mar 11, 2006.

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    I stopped at GC today to putz around for a while and ended up playing an Ibanez SR505. I was impressed!!! Nice (fast!) neck, great setup, nice range of tones from the 3-band preamp. Nice and light and felt very comfortable.

    Anyone here have any thougts/experiences to share about this bass? For around $500, it seemed like a pretty nice piece of gear.
  2. jbasso


    Mar 1, 2006
    Hugo, MN
    Very nice bass in my opinion

    I own a similar model (sr905) and love it to death. The neck is so comfortable, soo nice to play.

    Glad you like it!
  3. steve21

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    I just (today) bought an SR506 today (pics will be taken soon)

    I love it. The feel of the neck (bubinga/wenge) and the profile of the neck is amazing. The tuners feel nice and tight, the pickups sound great, the body is beautiful and light, and the bass sounds awesome.