Ibanez SR (590??)

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  1. I was at a local music store...And I was playin this nice Ibanez, which gave me this punchy, phat tone and a nice feel overall, I look at the price tag, and it's 399...I figured since I know the owner, I could talk him down a little bit...I looked at the name, it said SR590 on it, it was a transparent green with gold hardware, a 2 band EQ blend and master volume, had P+J AFRP(Active Full Renage Pickups) and sounded really nice...Has anyone heard, or owned one of these???

    Thanks much

  2. Makatak


    Apr 13, 2002
    New Zealand
    yeah , ive seen/played one
    it was in the buy/sell rag , it was natural wood with a horrible lacquer , gold hardware etc, it sounded good though for the price ...about $300 us. , nowhere as nice as my ash SR1100e though !....i think if you like it . buy it !
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  4. SRSiegel

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    Sep 17, 2001
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    I had an SR800A. well still have it... but its in pieces. anyways it was a great bass. it had the AFR P+J pickups, i liked them a lot. very punchy sound. neck is a little thin for my tastes now, but at the time it was perfect. MIJ, ash body, and yes that same horribly thick laquer on it. I loved that bass, and i miss it from time to time.
  5. Hey SRS...You got all of the peices for that SR800A?If they're not in use, could you slap them together and get me a picture...I could probably buy one like that(maybe even off of you:bassist: :cool: )

    :::EDIT:::Or any peices of it you're willing to sell....


    :::EDIT EDIT::: I didn't like it once I played the Dark Metallic Blue Ibanez SR?00? It had a two band EQ, pickup selector and a Volume...I Like a blend knob better, really...But It sounded awesome...Anyone got an ibanez for sale...Or that will be for sale soon?