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Ibanez SR 650 not 100% satisfied

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by deutscheeiche, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. deutscheeiche


    Mar 11, 2016
    Hello guys,

    I hope there is not a general thread for this kind of questions, since I did not find one.
    Well I just got this Bass to try it out since Shops here do not have it on display and I really love the way it plays and looks.
    My main Bass atm is an original Warwick Fortress Masterman and I have to say I prefer the neck of the Ibby. Tone-wise while being really well "rounded" I cannot make the Ibanez sing like I want it to (the Warwick can sound really good but really horrible as well depending on what I play through) and it seems to lack a bit of sustain. The Ibby came with Elixir strings and I use them on the Wick as well so it cannot be the strings. For most playing the tone of the Ibby is just fine but sometimes I like to do some 2 handed tapping and soloing and I somehow find it lacking in the treble department. I cannot really describe it better and hope you get what I am saying.

    So now I am wondering if it is the pickups or the preamp, since I really like the way the Ibby looks and feels and I need a lightweight Bass who is capable of being a Swiss Army knife.
    Friend of mine told me to check out this Ibby for that and in the above described department I somehow find it falling behind.

    The Wick just becomes too heavy some times and the neck is bit too wide for me at times.
    Any other Basses that I could try out to get the best of both worlds? Or am I just simply asking for too much?

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