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Ibanez SR1000 Prestige vs. Spector Rebop4

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Sauron_, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. You have to choose one of these basses.
    You mostly play rock (Creed, Seventh Day Slumber, etc. influences)

    Which one would you choose and why?
  2. Tough call - I was an Ibanez guy for many years, and now in the space of 6 weeks I've purchased a ReBop 5 DLX and placed a special order for a ReBop 5 DLX lined fretless as my main basses, so you can say I know the material. ;)

    I'd personally go with the ReBop 4 - that's exactly what the bassist in Seventh Day Slumber plays, and I believe Brian from Creed/Alter Bridge used Spectors early on. You can certainly get the traditional Spector "grind" from the ReBop, but because it's a bolt-on you still have some of a Jazz bass' low-mids as opposed to the neck-through sound of the Euros. You also have wider string-spacing than a Soundgear Ibanez - 17.5mm vs 16.5mm. I also happen to prefer the passive EMG HZ/TonePump to the OEM Bartolini/"Vari-Mid III HQ 3-band eq" - I've found the Ibanez electronics a touch weak, and as much flack as the TonePump gets, it's certainly not weak.

    ...but this isn't a "absolute crushing victory": the Ibanez has qualities you may like such as being a neck-through, its wood selection (Maple body/Flamed Maple top or Mahogany body/Walnut top) vs the ReBop (Alder Body/Walnut strip/Flamed Maple top), and a thinner neck. Ultimately I'd play both and see which suits you best*.

    *Although if you go Ibanez I'd pick up the SR1000EWN with its Mahogany body and Walnut top. I've personally found all-maple basses like the SR1000EFM to be too bright, whereas the Mahogany/Walnut combination gives you a nice rich midrange. IMO, or course.
  3. Thank you very much!!

    One point to Spector!

    More opinions???
  4. More opinions?
  5. Id have to play both and hear/feel them.
    They are both awesome basses.

  6. It seems that you really are into Spectors!

    And what would you choose between a Rebop 5 and a Ibanez BTB 1205 Prestige???
  7. up.
  8. I really love the ReBop line - I've always loved the classic "Spector" tones when played by others, but discovered a few years ago I'm much more of a fan of bolt-on construction to neck-through. To my ears, the ReBop is if a Spector and a Jazz Bass made sweet love down by the fire. The string-spacing is also absolute perfection compared to the full 19mm on the Yamaha RBX-775s that I was playing... which are fabulous basses regardless, just not quite me :smug:

    Of cource I'd go with the Spector, but they're both absolutely quality instruments that even list at the same price so it comes down to personal preference on this one - bolt-on vs neck-through, Alder/Walnut/Flamed Maple vs Maple/Mahogany/Flamed Maple (I have an '96 SR-1206 that's neck-through and Mahogany body/Flamed Maple top and find it to be almost "naturally EQed"... positive thing or negative. It's certainly a "smooth" bass that recorded well), Passive EMGs and Spector TonePump vs Bartolini MKIs and Ibanez OEM electronics. These days it doesn't matter much, but to be fair the Ibanez is built is Korea while the Spector is built in the Czech Republic. I've purchased 2 basses from Taiwan in the past 4 years with absolutely no construction issues just to get any Euro favoritism out of the way. ;)

    I'd say it somes down to what you like in a neck - the Spector has a fairly tight 17mm (?) string-spacing, while the BTB has the full 19mm / 3/4th" spacing. For some it's a make-or-break situation, for some it's not that big a deal.

    ...but the BTBs are great basses, and if given one in a jam or sit-in I'd surely be glad to be playing one compared to some of the other brands out there.
  9. Is the Ibanez BTB1000 is still in production?
  10. afinalfantasy

    afinalfantasy Banned

    Jan 11, 2006
    Spector easily

    Ibanez basses don't really appeal to me

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