Ibanez SR1006 VS. Ibanez SR506

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    Hi everyone, this is my first post here, I'm Steve.

    Anyways, onwards to business.

    After I buy my new amp setup (Blew old one, buying a GK 700RB-II & 115-BLX) I'm wanting to buy me a six-string and be done with new instruments for a while (That is until another GAS attack).

    So, I play ed the SR506 thru the amp setup I want at the store, and I absolutely love the sound. The SR506 is a great bass, extremely comfortable to play, the SR neck is amazing, the AANJ rules, the pickups sounded amazing, and the three-band active EQ was great.

    But I've also researched the 1006 a lot. It's MIJ, Prestige, has a maple cap, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: neck thru. I love me neck thru insruments, and the SR1006 is only about 370 bucks more than the SR506 (1/2 of which I'd have to pay for them to order in).

    So far, the 1006 wins in all categories (Neck thru, mahag + maple, same great pups, Prestige) except one odd thing. The bass on the Ibanez site only seems to have 4 knobs, so does it still have a 3-band EQ? are the controls Vol-Blend-Bass-High/StackMid?

    And finally, ANY SR506 or SR1006 owners (Please note: Current time ones, as in if your SR is old enough to not have the Barts or the AANJ and all, don't review) anything to say about this bass? Will it be worth my $629 or $1000~ dollars? Anything else to check out? (Please don't suggest the BTB1206, I've played it a few times and didn't like it as much. BTB's feel wrong to me).

  2. Looking at the bigger picture:


    it looks like it has 2 normal knobs and 2 stacked, and its "Vari-Mid Hi-Fi 3-Band", so it'll probably be:

    Mid/Mid shift

    I was going to suggest a BTB, but fair enough :)

    Another thing about the 1006 is it has a monorail bridge, i like them more, not sure why, i just do :)

    Oh, and the 506 has a bart pre, dont know if that'd be better or not tho
  3. steve21

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    ^ Cool, yeah, looking at the big picture closer I can kinda see two of the stacked knobs.

    What exactly does the mid shift knob do?

    And if BTB's are REALLY much better, I might give it another try... but so far I love the SR series way too much.
  4. I was never a fan of the SR's shape or sound tbh, it was more the sound that put me off, i dont know, something about the BTB's just, sounded right!

    The midshift basically moves the mid frequency that is altered by the mid dial, so, instead of it only affecting a preset mid frequency, you can move it to be a lower mid or a higher mid, or, if its like the one on the BTB's, they you get a wah like effect by turning the midshift when the mid dial is turned up :D
  5. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    I just recieved my SR506.. and find the tone really dissapointing.

    It lacks punch, and definition in the low mids/lows. The Bart MK preamp is noisy, and the pickups were just Ok.

    The neck is good, a little hefty at the 1rst fret, the frets are low profile. But I just feel it lacks attack.

    Some of it could be the Elixir strings that just feel too soft or something.

    I would go with an Older SR anyday. I used to have an old SR506, and it had a lot more punch, definition and articulation. Forget the pseudo barts, they seem to be a sales tactic, thats all.
  6. steve21

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    So basically it's just like a low-mid and hi-mid on the amp? So if you leave it on the "5" position (if 1 were hi mid and 10 were low-mid) then it would just affect the general mids? Sounds good...

    What sort of setup are you playing thru? And (just my opinion) but ever Elixer setup I've ever played has lacked all sorts of punch and definition.
  7. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    I have a Carvin Full stack, a Bass Vamp (headphones), and a Little IBanez SW35.

    Im comparing it to any other of my basses, a Modulus 6, a USA ATK, a Lakland, etc. It just.. doesnt sound right. It lacks.
    Again... I HOPE its the elixirs... Because that bass is here to stay. I needed a 6 to be tuned a full step lower, and it is what I bought.

    We will see when I get the Smith Metal Masters.. I highly hope there is an improvement. But I really doubt it.

    The lighweight mahogany body is the real problem I believe.
  8. Yeah, you kinda have it there, its more like having a mid shift on an amp tho, the mids are parametric :)
  9. If there was only a SR-886, I would reccomend it. The 885 kicked serious ass. The stock pups were damn good (DX5 or something I think they were called), better than the current ones Ibanez have in the sub $900 basses, Plus it was MIJ.
  10. steve21

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    Ah, that's cool. Anyways, as long as it has the 3-band and all the other great SR1006 features, I'm happy.

    Thanks a lot guys.
  11. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    My plans were going to be to gut an SR506, have Carey Nordstrand wind me some pickups to fit and an Aggie OBP-1 or OBP-3 to fit the holes. That would've made me rather happy :)
  12. Greg Johnsen

    Greg Johnsen

    May 1, 2005
    Hickory NC
    YES! someone with the same taste I have!

    get the sr1006. Trust me, it may be double the price, but it's definately worth it in the end. It's MIJ instead of MIK, better pickups, better preamp, it looks better, better resale, and they're just awesome basses. I have the limited edition ones only availiable at SamAsh, and I absolutely love it. It's a burled poplar top, or a zebrawood top (or you can get the flame maple. The SR1006 is extremely smooth, comfortable, and the sound is the best Ibanez sound you can get (it's also the best Ibanez you can buy).

    If you want the best sound of an Ibanez possible, then get the 1006, but if you are looking to buy a cheaper bass, but still get decent quality (not as good IMO), then go with the 506.

    The 1006 is my true love right now, I'm not selling that thing...ever! It's just too amazing to even think about selling it.

    Good luck, they are both good basses, but would you rather have good, or awesome?


    someone mentioned the bridge earlier, and I would have to say that mono rail IV bridge kicks ASS. The individual saddles allow for awesome sustain, and easy string changes.

    The preamp (the Vari-mid 3 Band is a very versatile preamp, and it has almost no noise at all. To get the slightes amount, I had to turn the treble up on my bass, DI, 9 band graphic, and the 3 band on my amp, and I still didn't much noise at all. So this is just me saying that I had to TRY and get noise out of it, and even when I did get noise, it was extremely minimal, and I'm sitting around a computer, a TV, and lights everywhere.

    the SR1006EFM is a great bass, with great build quality, looks, hardware, and electronics. This bass rivals many custom and high end basses in all of those.

    Ah, and the tuners, they are gotoh sealed back. These things are some of the greatest tuners made. They rarely go out of tune (it only goes out of tune in my thin gigbag) and these are so smooth and accurate, tuning is very smooth and simple.

    You won't be disapointed in this bass, trust me.

    whoops, forgot the controls.

    Volume, Blend

    Bass/Treble, Low-Mid/Hi-Mid (or mid sweep) Great controls IMO, very versatile
  13. steve21

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    Alright, thanks for putting all my concerns in. And yeah, at Music123 I th ink it's only like, 1050 or something, so not much more than the 506 (530). And yeah, I prefer flame maple to poplar and zebrawood, so I'm good (And I hate everyone at my Sam Ash. Meanest customer service people ever, I swear... GC has much nicer people).

    Thanks, I'm definately saving up for the SR1006FM.

    That is, after the GK rig I want.
  14. Yeah, they are pretty nifty :)

    Is it Low-mid/High mid or Mid/Midshift , the fact you put midsweep in brackets confuses me :eyebrow:
  15. Greg Johnsen

    Greg Johnsen

    May 1, 2005
    Hickory NC
    it's low mid/hi mid. I put mid sweep because it has both on the same pot. I may have been wrong to put that, my bad.

  16. DRZ400Bassman


    Nov 6, 2005
    That vari-mid eq is what sets the ibanez basses apart from almost every other bass out there today. You can dial in your bass for any room or hall to get almost any sound imaginable. Even the high dollar basses do not have that sonic flexibiity. I even retrofitted my '92 SR800 to the vari-mid system after hearing and playing my '01. Now whenever i pick up a bass and can't sweep the mids it just sounds hollow.
  17. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    I just spent the morning setting up and cleaning all my basses, and I left the SR506 for the end...

    After playing all the rest and then the SR506, I think im starting to like it a little more.
    But I figure the real problem with it... is definitely the lightweight mahogany body. Its too light and thin... that the lower notes.. (E and B strings) lack some punch and definition. I think a better and hotter preamp would help a lot.
  18. bad_andy


    Sep 21, 2005
    Omaha, NE
    Um, there are several preamps out there that can be configured for sweepable mid frequency boost/cut. Aguilar, East and Bartolini (the pre used in the 1006) come to mind. These are available as options from many different builders as well as aftermarket upgrades.

    That said, it is a nice option for some people (others seem to prefer switching between set frequencies like you can with the 1206 BTB). I tried the 1006 and apples to apples it sounded as good or better than my made in Germany Warwick Streamer 6 when played thru the same amp. :bag: I tried and wanted to like the BTB 1206, but I just couldn't get it to warm up, sonically.
  19. DRZ400Bassman


    Nov 6, 2005
    I guess i should have specified that for the price the sound can not be beat. I am a "bass as tool" kind of guy. I want the best "hammer" i can afford but at a certain point it doesn't make a lot of practical sense to get it gold plated and jewel encrusted because it is still a hammer. If i can make it through a gig w/o a dent, scratch, bumping the neck or body, or having a female fan scrape across a bass with her purse clasp i feel lucky. Not to mention drum sticks, falling cymbals, mic stands, and once even a guys teeth as he fell into my bass about 15 years ago. The "dental impression bass" is now a classic :D :D :D One night several years ago i flew out to visit a friend in Philly and play a couple of tunes with his "Maiden America" tribute band and a guys jaw ended up snapping off a pot on his Pedulla so i would be very warry about a fancy banana as a real working bass.
  20. I think we all do, but we all have different requirements, my ATK400 will do fine and is very variable in sounds

    As is my BTB and most of my basses