Ibanez SR1200E vs SR1400E

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sgh42, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. sgh42


    Jun 16, 2011
    Thinking of getting one of these & they are only $50 different, is it just the top wood used that's the difference?
  2. Wallace320

    Wallace320 Commercial User

    Mar 19, 2012
    Milan, Italy
    Ovangkol on 1200, flamed maple on 1400

    I dare to suggest you:
    2012 XXV anniversary, again, same specs and Nordstrand BigSingles, while top differs (Padauk, like former Prestige from early '90s) but the price stayed the same as last year, while 1200 increased of more than 30% and 1400 went out of line, while 1600 entered...

  3. sgh42


    Jun 16, 2011
    Good recommendation, although not many about & I think I prefer the look of the 1200 :bag: