SOLD Ibanez SR1205E: PRICE DROP to $750

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    Ken Ge

    Apr 30, 2010
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    Selling my main axe, a well-broken-in Ibanez SR 1205E with a custom-fitted ramp (not sure what the wood is but it was matched to the fingerboard; want to say it's rosewood). There's a little bit of finish worn off the top and above the neck pickup from use. It's served me very well but now it's time to fund a recent upgrade! Currently strung with Chrome flats, E-C (I have the B as well and can throw it in).

    Edit: just weighed this bass on my USPS scale and it comes in at 9 pounds, 0.6 ounces.

    You can check out the specs here: Ibanez SR1205E - 5-string, Vintage Natural Flat | DSC_1407.jpg

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  2. Great bass -GLWTS!