Ibanez SR300 with maple vs rosewood fretboard

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  1. I have an Ibanez SR300 with a rosewood fretboard, which I absolutely love. I've been looking for a new or used SR500 or another SR300 and saw some of the 300's with maple fretboards. I wasn't aware that these were made with maple boards. Does anyone have experience with both and what you felt were the major differences between the two?
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    Jan 11, 2011
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    I have one of each. I seriously cant believe they are so cheap. The maple fb gives ghe bass a bit of a brighter tone. It growls every bit as good as my Geddy Jazz, and is about 4lbs lighter. The rw board is a little warmer. I am contemplating 2 more sr300 seris basses. One for flats or tapes and a fretless sr370. Inever cared for the ele tronics in the older versions, but the newer ones are awesome. I just wish I could get the maple fb on a sunburst like they did a few years ago. Ihad a 5ver andliked it, if it was a 4 banger I would still have it