No longer available Ibanez SR400EQM Faded Blue Burst

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    Sep 24, 2014
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    Hey All,
    Up for sale or (preferably trade) is my Ibanez SR in Faded Blue Burst. This bass has seen minimal use since I got it, and it’s in great shape aside from a few scratches and some play wear here and there...No dings or dents, and it’s functionality sound in every way. The active EQ is really usable on this bass, and sounds fantastic.

    ** 7.5 LBS!***

    The one other blemish is right in the middle of the neck, where it was on a stand where the rubber made an impression that I can’t seem to remove...(see pictures).
    I’m listing a few things for trade or sale, as I need a bass head for gigging. I have an EBS T90 tube head that I rarely take out for gigs, and an EBS Reidmar that just poopie the bed on me. So I’m looking for something portable and class D.

    I’m pretty open to brands, so try me!
    Would also consider 1x10 , 1x12 or 1x15 cabs! I’m using an oversized 2x10 at the moment but am interested in making my rig smaller.

    Any questions don’t hesitate to ask! I’ll also sell outright for $350 shipping anywhere CONUS! I pack incredibly safe and ship fast. Here’s a link to my Reverb account:
    Michael's Guitars
    I’ve done a ton of business over there, and a few here on TalkBass all with 100% positive feedback. Thanks for looking!

    F236AB57-59FF-4BF8-A5D3-38E9B2E7E92E.jpeg 5927FCE4-76FC-41C5-9288-AEF0F53551E1.jpeg 9207E800-1486-4274-8190-AB67E1995901.jpeg C3019388-70C4-43BC-B2CF-8D8126D10593.jpeg B0720631-7D8D-4075-A51C-B999938F3F02.jpeg EBBFCE1E-B62C-4D10-B2EA-75EC81C4784D.jpeg 10E33F07-3588-46FB-B89E-68DAC1548D5B.jpeg D0DD17F9-D329-4845-99F3-ABC22BE99CAC.jpeg B6CEB2C3-F46B-4D69-946B-12D7C8390E21.jpeg 19DF32CA-336A-495D-B505-00410D3776A4.jpeg E47DBFB9-86F5-4BA0-B81A-5F74F50E1CB4.jpeg CE926A02-A1EF-4261-A676-4F56367546A7.jpeg A03A7EE7-B1EF-4762-93E3-B95309F3C8B0.jpeg
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    PRS-Man23 Supporting Member

    Sep 24, 2014
    Boston, MA