ibanez SR405: it's TOO QUIET. what's wrong?

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  1. ok here's the deal. i've got an Ibanez SR405 (5 string soundgear) with active pickups. for some reason, the bass is QUIET. comparing it to my friend's ibanez w/ active pickups, my bass plays half as loud as the other bass with the EQ and volume settings on my bass amp at the same level.
    this bass has ALWAYS been quiet (or at least, it has been for a long time). i want to fix this, because i'm starting to have to max out my amp to get heard at practice and shows, and i don't want to have to do this. so if you guys have got any ideas on where to start looking for problems, give me some suggestions. i can wire stff up and solder no problem, but i'm not sure where this problem might lie before i start randomly re-soldering things in my bass.
    thanks a lot.
    bass: ibanez SR405
    amp: eden wt400
    i've already changed the battery and when i compared the sound to my friend's bass we used the same cord and setup, so i KNOW it's just my bass, and it's not the battery
  2. Maybe it's your lead, Some of my leads cut the volume down a bit. try replacing it. Just a thought.
    or maybe your pickups are stuffed. I own an SR 405, and a Washburn XB500. I've also used a Fender P-bass on my amp and they are are around the same volume (differnt sound of course) So it's not the model of bass. Maybe something's come loose. I dunno I'm not a guitar tech so I can't really help you. The pickups in the SR405 are passive by the way but they do have an active pre-amp in there. So they arn't going to be as loud or dominant as a bass with all active electronics (pickups and pre-amp). and I also did notice that the tone of the SR405 is pretty flat at times anyway.
  3. could also be your "input" some times the wires in there come loose and [email protected] up your volume. cost's like $5 to replace
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    He has tried his friend's lead, and it was still quieter than his 405.

    mrWr0ng, you might look at the preamp and see if there is a trim pot in there to adjust the gain or output.
  5. Out of the box an SR405 has <b>passive</b> pickups and a preamp (I owned an SR406 until about three weeks ago). My guess is that your 405 doesn't have quite as strong a signal coming out of the preamp as your friend's bass does.

    I know my SR406 didn't have the output that my active Jazz Bass or Cirrus does. I don't recall seeing a trim pot in my 406 - but I don't have the bass any more so I can't look and be sure.


  6. have you changed the battery?
  7. [​IMG]
    you sure these are passive pickups? if they're passive then i'll just start looking for another bass because i'm tired of maxing out my eden wt400 just to get heard at practice, but if they're active or there's some serious cancellationg oing on then i'll take it in to get fixed.
  8. yeah i checked, they are passive pickups. alright then i'll probably just start looking for a new bass then. argh. i don't want to spend that kind of money.
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    Mar 27, 2001
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    Well good luck on your bass finding! Oh, and you bring a 8x10 to practice?! Lucky...
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    Jun 15, 2001
    maybe you could get a new soundgear 5 string? I like the SR3005 with the stained oil finish :cool:

  11. Do you like the price tag too:eek:?

    "Damn! My pickups are passive, I'll buy a new bass..."

    Buy some new pickups, a new preamp, or both. Spend the saved money on bass lessons.
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    Jun 15, 2001
    IMO, $800 for a bass is dirt cheap. I dont know why you would think that is expensive...
  13. the problem is finding high-output passive pickups to fit the bass, or active pickups to fit that would also leave me room for a 2nd 9volt battery.
    i'm not sure if you mean an internal preamp or an external that i should get new, but finding new pickups for the bass will be a pain. i will look though, before i just sell the sr and plunk down money on a new one. i'd like to keep the guitar, but if it's easier to get a new one and it will give me better tone in addition to being louder, then i'll just plunk down the cash on a new guitar.
  14. SR3005's are boutique. They are in the $1500+ range.

    Mr Wrong, you don't need to fit a second 9V battery if you add active pickups. The pups and preamp will run off a total 9V system, only your batteries will have a slightly diminished life. Chances are it's just the preamp, which is drop-in, that could do with replacing. Many people here say that the SR preamp is a little weak, but the pickups are OK. You should drop an EMG or something in there, ten minutes of soldering and you have a sweet sounding bass. All IMO, but I think it's a lot cheaper than a new bass, and this way you get the best. The money you save could be stored, and in a few months a new bass could be yours. Or, you might want FX pedals, new amp etc. All I know is that I wouldn't throw a bass out because of one component I don't like.
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  15. i'm going to be headed to guitar center on wednesday to check out my options. as far as new preamp / active pickups go, do you have any specific recommendations? like a specific kind of preamp? i don't know anything about this, as i've never dealt with them before. i've only done basic setups on guitars. i can solder and all, so putting in active pickups won't be a problem, but i'd like to know what i should look for in a new preamp / active pickup series when i hit the store so i don't get folks trying to take advantage of me.
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    Jun 20, 2001

    SR405 pups are passive?!?! youre positive!?! i was sure they were active!

    are all 405's passive?
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    Jun 20, 2001
  18. <b>Freakapotamus9 exclaimed...</b>


    SR405 pups are passive?!?! youre positive!?! i was sure they were active!

    are all 405's passive?

    Yep. Check Ibanez' website.

  19. Well, I'm a big fan of EMG stuff. The pups and preamps are IMO great, and I recommend them to anyone. They can be pricy, so shop around. Bartolini are excellent too, but you might have to wait a little while for their stuff, which is also expensive, but top notch. I'd go with either of these for a preamp. If money is no object, and Aguilar pre would be the best choice IMO, but these are mega cash.

    As for pickups, sorta personal preference. My faves are EMG, DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan. I'd recommend you change your preamp over the pups, but if you're doing both then it might be good to stick with the same company for all. DiMarzio have very hot passive pickups, so you might like those, or SD have the lightning rods(active) or Quarter Pounder series(passive). I'm not an expert on tones, but EMG's are clean and bright, DiMarzio's are smooth, and Seymour 1/4 pounders have a rocky, gritty tone(to my ears at least). All are great pickups. Bartolini make pickups too, and these are remarkable, but again, cost is an option.

    SD and DiMarzio are fairly evenly priced, and a preamp from either Bart or EMG should be roughly the same as two pups. I don't know your market though; I'm going off my own experiences here. Try and play different basses with each pickup, as most of the tone you hear is because of the pickups. You can always ask back here on TB if you need further advice.

    Good luck!
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    Sep 4, 2000

    you dont have to buy a new bass, you can buy a preamp and new pickups to increase the output of your bass. Your bass is made from Maple, so you already have a 1/2 way decent tone wood to work with.

    For the time being if your having a hard time being heard at your rehearsals, try boosting your midrange frequencies, this will help you cut thru the mix and be heard better.