Ibanez SR485 400$ w/some extras

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  1. I have an ibanez 5 im tryin to sell. Reason? It dosent fit me stylistically (I wonder if that is a word?). Its mahogany body, 3 peice walnut/wenge neck (very cool looking), rosewood fretbrd and active 3-band w/soapbar pups. Model SR485. This is a discontinued model. For some reason they replaced it with the SR495, which seems to be very nearly the same thing. If you like a thin neck its plenty thin (not my prefference, another reason to sell). It has a good case of beltrash on the back, and a couple of dings, but nothing that you can see on stage (or from the front at all for that matter). A great looking bass IMO. Very light on the shoulders and back.

    A few links:
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    As you can see it consistently gets reviews of 9 to 9.5. E-mail me at progbass8@yahoo.com.
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    any pics?
  4. i have a pic, taken w/a standard camera. ill see if anyone i know has a scanner. if not, it basically looks exactly like the pictures you find at these websites. or better yet, i think one of my friends has a digital. anyway, ill try to have pics up tonight, or at least before the end of the week.
  5. well, ok maybe not tonight..lol. ill see if i can get some pics soon, but it could be a while.

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  6. Price Drop:

    now 350$