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  1. I think I'm buying one of those basses, and I found one that's very cheap. but it is from 94 and I don't know if the eletronics are good or not. Should I buy it or try a more recent model?
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    uh... i expect some anwsers
  4. Hey man, why do want a soundgear?
    I'm just asking so don't take it trhe wrong way.
    I origonally wanted a sr5, but after playing a bunch of other basses I didn't go for one.
    The soundgears are very playable and compact but I'm not a big fan of they're pickup's and electronics.
    I swear that 'Phat Active' thing they've got going is just to hide the fact they're pickup's sound kinda muddy. Actually I use Cort basses, the bodies from Cort are actually supplied to Ibanez!
    But only the bodies are similar becuase the Cort uses Bartolini mk-1 pickup's and mk-1 electronics and the sounds you can get out of it are very widespread.
    They are very playable basses and I'm certain that if you like the Ibanez you'll love the Cort.
    Many people are scared off Cort becuase they aren't widely known, but they really are great man believe me.
    Check out the Cort Artisan NB5, same playabilty, size and looks (with better sound :D) in my opinion anyway.
    Other than that, if your really after other great basses check out Music man, Warick and Spector basses.
  5. thx for the advice, but i found one that is cheap and you just never know...
  6. Hey I agree that Ibanez are a good value bass in the first place so if you found a cheap sr5 it will probably be completely fine. What kinda bass do you own at the moment.
  7. uh... a ibanez gsr100 (the worst they got)
  8. Freakapotamus9

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    Jun 20, 2001
    i have an SR405. i really like it, it gives me the sounds i want, and its fairly versital. the thing about Ibanez is, you get what you pay for. dont let the names like "Phat Active" fool you.
    Mine is soon to be replaced cuz i need a change. the SDGR series isnt something like a MIM jazz were you can replace the PU's and upgrade without any trouble. if YOU like the sound of it and are gonna get a steal on it, GO FOR IT! Ibanez 5'ers are great guitars.
  9. I have an SR-885 and it's pretty good, for metal and hard rock and just about everything, except for slapping (due to the thin thin neck), unless of course you are very precise...the EQ on mine kicks ass too...
  10. embellisher

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    I have an Ibanez SR506(6 string) and while it looks nice, it is the poorest, weakest sounding of all of my basses.
  11. Bass Guitar

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    Aug 13, 2001
    Hi embellisher - I had an SR506 too - it sounded bad, but what improved the bass as a whole was when I got my luthier to defret it - it sang after that if you turn the balance to only use the bridge pickup. Maybe you can try that - make it fretless.
  12. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Bass Guitar, I have thought about doing that, now that I have the Cirrus 6 the Ibanez won't see much action.

    But if I made it into a fretless, and it sounded good, it would probably get played.

    Do you still have yours?
  13. well, can i change the pickup and eletronics on that bass?
  14. Yes, you can change the pick ups, although I wouldn't suggest doing it yourself...Have your local music store put some EMG pups in and an EMG circuit, but I don't know if the EMG circuit will offer a sweepable midrange (like on the 885) but if it's a "lesser" one then look for one w/ a 3-band EQ.
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    Apr 30, 2000
    Back in '94, you'd have an excuse to want to go out and get this bass cuz of the lack of options in this price range. (i.e. approx. $500)

    Unless you have a really good deal, and (if this is a big deal to you) the wood finish, you would consider purchasing this bass.

    An attempt at a "modern" bass guitar, the SR506 is characterised by a muddy and indistinct B string. Other than that there is nothing really distinct about its sound. The 5 (don't ask me why) actually slaps better than the 6-string version, although they have the same ADX pickups.

    ITPR, you have the option of looking at the lower end MTDs, the MIM Fenders etc.