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Ibanez SR505

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by alextruf, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. alextruf


    Sep 13, 2005

    Please tell me some opinion about this bass.
    I intend to buy one. I play for a little and I was impressed.
    Currently I have a Aria IGB55.
    I am amazed in SR505 about the sound, cause of Bartolini electronics, I guess. Also is a pleasure for the left hand.
    Is true that was tryed on an Ampeg 115.
    Is it a bass that can be used in blues but also in metal music?
    Tell me please, some reviews.
  2. You are in quite the luck my friend. I actually played the six-string version of this bass (SR506) not too long ago, here's what I thought...

    I loved the look of the bass first. An all around beauty. Mahogany body for an awesome low deep tone, with "butt-loads" of sustain. 5-piece Wenge and Bubinga neck... "Warwick anyone???" I can't forget those Barts either. Oh how those Barts rumbled and shook the shops windows until I thought I was going to get yelled at.

    Okay, first of all, I loved the was the bass felt, very balanced on my lap, not too heavy on a strap. Then again, don't listen to me about weight issues. I am one of the very few who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a heavy bass. (Gimme the sound of the wood, and the feel of the tree it came from!) The neck was very smooth, very slick, very quick, and not too wide at all. (Keep in mind, I played the 6 string.) As soon as a started making that b-string rumble with the preamp set flat, a huge unexplainable smile, no a smirk came across my face, that stayed there for hours to come. Anyway... The bass had a grea tone thanks to those awesome wood combos, and the Barts did a good job of voicing there power as well. (I just am not too sure I am a fan of Bartolini or not yet, I'll have to play more basses with them installed.)

    To me, this bass did a killer job of everything. Feeling cool, check. Looking cool, double check. Sounding cool, well, that's a check plus in my book. I would love to buy one of these basses, and I think you'd be a fool not to too! Any Ibanez bashers out there should really check where they stand on this brand AFTER playing this bass.

    To sum it up, absolutely amazing.

    Buy it. :bassist:

  3. One more thing i forgot to say...

    This bass could be used for a variety of genres, anything from Church Gospel choir, all the way to a Black Label cover band. The style is all in your fingers bro, just let it flow on out how you want it to sound, and the bass will cover the rest.

  4. alextruf


    Sep 13, 2005
    Thanks a lot!
    You are right, the first thing that kept my attention was the way it looks :smug:
    Is really a beautifull bass.
    What about amps that are...let's say, built for this bass. Why that guy, in the shop choose, that Ampeg for me to try this bass?
    I am currently have a Behringer BX600 (budget reasons) and I am just afraid...not to blow the speaker away with this kind of bass :cool:
  5. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    I'm looking at getting the sixer in that series as my #1 el versatilo basso. I can see myself doing jazz, gospel, rock, blues, etc.
  6. Incubus


    Mar 28, 2005
    I tried getting the 506 but I'm impatient... the wait was about 4-months everywhere i looked. It seemed like everyone wanted one. So, on my final and last try (and last resort) i went to Guitar Center to see if they could order one for me... the people there were nice (for once) and they really helped out a lot. They said that they could order it within a month, but once i got it, they wouldnt take it back. At least in the other places they could take it back. Guitar stores just dont want sixers on their walls cuz they dont sell... anyways, the guy at GC had two SR505s in at the time. I thought, well, ill just play it... but i was hooked. i couldnt put the thing down!!! it would have been easy to considering it was sooo light. Everything sounded great. I played through a GK and it sounded marvelous. i also played through a behringer. it sounded the same. It is the lightest bass i own. It is even lighter than my squier (icky icky bass). The sound is amazing and it stays in tune. The only problem ive had with it is that when i pop, i scratch the wood with my finger nails. I have been forced to cut them very very very short. Every time i play i need to make sure that i wont scratch the wood. Other than that, it is my favorite bass at the moment. The looks are awsome too. The thing that people complain about on this bass is the string spacing. They say the strings are too far apart. To me, the only problem someone will have with spacing on the 505 is if they just started slap and are having problems muting the B and E strings. Other than that, my favorite bass. It beats my new Warwick corvette 4!!! (i needed a better four string)
  7. If i could discourage any amp in the world, it would be the Ampeg BA115. I hate that amp, alot of people are only seeing the brand name, and not the amp for what it's worth... Which isn't much at all :smug: .

    I would however, suggest a yorkville XM210T. That amp is absolutely amazing! It's a $100 less than the Ampeg, sometimes that and fifty more every where I've looked. It's well worth the money too.

    Don't waste your money on that Ampeg. They are really screwing themselves these days making alot of crap. IMO, if it doesn't say "SVT Pro" on it, i won't waste my time on it. Don't buy your gear based on what salesmen say is good, or what your fav. artist plays. Play around, and then choose. If you need, buy the bass first. Then take it around to several shops and try out as many amps as possible.

  8. alextruf


    Sep 13, 2005
    Yes, is true that the good way to buy things is to try them first.
    Unfortunately, I am not in position to do this so often, only when I go out from my country.
    Thanks a lot for the tips and opinions.