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Ibanez SR506, a Great Bass!!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Dr. Cheese, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    I just picked up a beautiful MusicMan SR5 HH with a transparent cherry finish. I will seriously have to get a camera because this is as good looking a bass as I have ever seen. Before I got it, I checked out some less expensive basses because I was a bit a reluctant to trade in my MIA Fender Jazz V. The one bass that almost made me not get the Stingray was an Ibanez SR506. That bass has a mahogany body and I think a mahogany and wenge neck and it has tone for days. Head to head with the SR5 HH, the sixteenth note finger funk tone of the SR506 sounded better to than the SR5HH to my ears. In all fairness, I liked the action better on the Ibanez and the SR5 HH improved after I got the tech/salesman (who is a great bassist too) to increase the relief in the Stingray's neck. That said, the Ibanez is less than half the price of the STingray and it can seriously hang tone wise. The string spacing is a bit tight but I can slap on the bass with no trouble. Believe it or not, I am seriously out of the market for a while now that I have this Stingray 5 HH, but I sure wouldn't mind a SR506 in my future. In fact, if I weren't afraid that I would just want that Stingray later, I would have gotten that SR506 today!
  2. Cubeface


    Apr 9, 2006
    Cool, I'm buying a bass soon and the Ibanez 505 (wich is very simular to the 506 [but with only 5 strings]) is in my top three basses. Thanks for the good comments.
  3. lowstar


    Jul 3, 2001
    that line of ibanez axes is really good and maximum bang for the buck. i wanted to get a sr506 last year but luckily scored a used 1306 which was a more high-end version (and mij !) wenge fretboard, bubinga/wenge neck, padouk on top and back of the body and the same pu´s and electronics that are in the korn fieldy signature bass (or were in there, since i think they got anew one out at the frankfurt messe ?)
    it´s super playable, light and sounds impressive, and i can use it at top 40 gigs where i have to play up to 6 hrs sometimes and it puts minimum strain on joints and back.
    did i say it sounds cool already ?

  4. Congrats on the Stingray -- and don't EVER sleep on the Ibanez SR's -- they are very nice bassses!
  5. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    As a follow up, I played the new Stingray through my own amp, an Ampeg Portabass 228. It definitely brought my bass to life better than the Eden rig I was playing through at the shop. The slightly higher action really allowed me to play my way and of course the SR5 HH is super, super versatile. As I also said, it is super good looking too. I have owned about MusicMan basses since 1986, this one may very well end up being the best one yet. I may just have to let TB go so I don't trade this bass away in a fit of GAS like I regrettably did with my last SR5, a great bass in its own right too!:bassist:

    I 've said it before, but with my current lineup, hopefully I can chill until it's time to get something really special like a custom ordered bass or some big time boutique instrument. We'll see.;)
  6. It doesn't exist without pictures! :eyebrow:
  7. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis

    I know, I got to get my stuff hooked up so I can show ya'll!
  8. Try an sr905......
  9. +100. I love my SR506...it's a GREAT bass especially for the price!
  10. JBass1


    Dec 6, 2005
    I got my SR 506 for $320 and it was the best deal i ever made next to my Warwick Thumb NT for $1400.....the ibanez is the best 6-string i have ever played...which shuts out warwicks schecters spector and a few others..I LOVE IT! :hyper:
  11. mobis.fr


    Jun 2, 2005
    yes it is a very nice bass.
    i own one too, but there are 2 things i don't like.
    it is a little head drive machine and i don't like the shape of the neck in the head area.
  12. jeff_bass28

    jeff_bass28 Guest

    Mar 21, 2006
    I used to have an SR06 from their first intro (sometime around 1994-95). Maple body, 3-piece maple neck, wenge fretboard. Later replaced the pickups with Lane Poors and added a Basslines pre. Great bass. Too bad it got stolen! :bawl:
  13. wyleeboxer

    wyleeboxer Supporting Member

    Apr 28, 2005
    Orange County, CA
    Just got a sr496 which is the older version, pretty much the same as the 506 but with cheaper DX6 Pups. I put some emg's in it 40p and 40j the other day and opened the tone of this bass right up! These basses are amazing for the money, the neck feels so smooth and playable with the tight string spacing its easier to play then some of my 4 stringers. The wood feels old school to me and now with the new pups in it, it can almost sound almost old school too! Very impressed by this bass, I really dont know how they do it?
  14. Altitude

    Altitude An ounce of perception, a pound of obscure. Supporting Member

    Mar 9, 2005
    Denver, nee Austin
    I'd say that, of the mass-production bass manufacturers, Ibanez is doing the best job right now in offering consistently well-made instruments using nice quality materials. You could do a whole lot worse.
  15. Dub56

    Dub56 Supporting Member

    May 28, 2005
    Both are very nice basses, congrats on the 'Ray. Mine have never let me down and I'm sure you'll be just as happy with yours
  16. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    I'm really lovin' the 'Ray! I still want an SR506 though. I had said I would wait and get a Cirrus Six, but the Sr506 would actually be plenty nice for me.
  17. I own the Ibanez SR500 (4-string) and I love it. I mainly use it for my solos (because of the 24 frets) and on some newer cover songs. I haven't moved up to a 5 or 6 string yet because I just don't really need to with the songs that I am playing. I would like to purchase one in the future in order to fool around with (but I will buy a RIC, and a P-Bass first).

    All in all, this is a great series of bass guitars. Lightweight, pickups are pretty damn good straight from the factory, neck is nice and smooth (fast as hell).

    Congrats on the Music Man.:bassist:
  18. XiXora


    Apr 24, 2006
    glad to hear that this guitar is good :)
    Mine should arrive saturday!
  19. steve21

    steve21 Banned

    Dude, I've been saying this on UG for months now


  20. XiXora


    Apr 24, 2006
    lol you the metaluptheass dude?

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