Ibanez sr506 - zebrawood?

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  1. honestly, after some online research, I'd planned on adding an sr506bm to my basses for some tonal variety.

    Afterwards, i learned its going to be a sr506zw.

    Cant say I'm disappointed, my other basses (and guitars) are maple and rosewood.

    It has the bartolini pickups and would be my only active Instrument - have to admit, nearly all discussion ive seen online highlights the sr506bm (mahogany).

    All i currently own are
    Yamaha bb415
    Yamaha bb425x-bl
    Squier vintage modified jaguar

    So I'm a little excited about what tonal variation this new bass might offer.

    *One of the Yamahas will probably go up for sale, or to my son as his learning bass...

    Anyone have experience with these ibanez?

    I did look at the BTB series, and they are utterly stunning instruments, but the weight (15 pounds???) means I'd be seated playing those. Plus rhe price, yikes! They did have Aguilar pickups - are they gonna be that much better than the bartolinis on the sr506?

    This will be my first 6 string bass (and yes im a multi instrumentalist but am focusing on bass for next 3-5 years, out of 40 years on both), currently own 2 5 strings and a budget 4 string, and i alternate between them during training, intentionally.

    I spend most of my time on the BB415 honestly.

    Thoughts on zebrawood tonality? Certainly a good looking wood. And bartolini pickups?

    My PRS guitar has seymour duncan JB and sentient pickups, love them. The Yamaha BB pickups, well, you love or hate them.
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    I would think that everything you've seen about the SR506bm will apply to the zebrawood version. The woods and electronics are the same, and the only real difference between the two is the zebrawood top, and generally on lower to mid range instruments like this, the tops are such a thin veneer that it's hard to say what effect they have on the tone, if any. Cosmetically though, I think it's an improvement, I never liked the standard brown SR500 models.
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  3. Well, bad news, i actually pulled the trigger on the zebrawood, and apparently someone else ordered it just a few minutes before, so i woke up to it being on backorder today.

    I talked with the retailer, they refunded me instantly.

    As luck would have it, later this morning i found an sr706, which looks to be in immaculate shape and is being shipped in a hard case.

    The 706 with the hard case worked out to be less than the sr506bm, and it has the nice dark grey flamed maple finish.

    All of my current electrics are black and it wi be nice to have a small amount of variation in appearance.

    Also happy about having at least one bass with 24 frets and active electronics.

    This will be my first (& only) six string.

    Hopefully all's well that ends well!
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    Considering that a veneer is like a big sticker, I doubt there's any effect on tone.