Ibanez SR645 $300 obo

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  1. Black Ibanez SR645 five string bass with 34" scale. I got it in 2001 i believe, and it's seen relatively little use. I've probably picked up and played this axe about 50 times, so it's in great condition. No modifications. I live in the San Jose to Sacramento area if you want to try it out. $250(new low price!) or best offer.
    pictures here
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  4. did i mention it has a bolt on neck and 2 octave scale?
  5. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    I'll attest that they're great basses, had to sell mine recently due to financial problems, but I loved it!

    Though, it is a 34" scale... :D
  6. oops, thanks for the correction. it's fixed now
  7. new low price!
  8. newer lower price! c'mon, i know you guys want this, a couple more days and i'm ebaying it, which i dont really want to do, but i need the moneyyy
  9. last call before i have to ebay it...
  10. ok, one more bump, you can tell i really dont wanna ebay this thing