Ibanez SRX650 Bridge Pickup Mystery Noise

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  1. So here is the lowdown. I have an Ibanez SRX650 which has been converted to passive a good while back. It is setup Vol/Vol/Tone with a 3 ways selector switch. Worked fine for a long while. Then one day I noticed my tone had this extra static type noise going on only when I was playing. I was using both pickups at that point so I tried the neck pickup, no static noise while I was playing. Tried the bridge pickup and the static noise was ever present while playing. It of course makes noise while playing with both pickups blended too. I rechecked all the wiring and grounds and found nothing. Figured it might be the 3 way switch. Bought a new one and installed it. Nothing changed. Figuring it might be a loose connection so I wiggled the pickup wire coming from the bridge pickup while playing and nothing. I pulled all the electronics back out and checked for loose connections, bad solder joints, and all that jazz. Complete recheck of everything. Nothing. How do I test to see if the bridge pickup is just dying? What would cause a pickup to just up and die one day out of the blue? And no I don't have a multi-meter unfortunately.
  2. I had this problem once. In my case it started right after some fretwork. I hadn't taped up the pickups well enough and some of the metal slivers from my steel wool found their way under the pickup, where they clung to the pole pieces and bare wiring terminals in little furry piles. The fur also contacted the shielding tape, so I got a static-y sounding partial short circuit any time the bass was vibrating.
    Take the pup back out and thoroughly clean its underside with masking tape, which will remove any offending conductive hairs. Worth a shot.
  3. Besides the exposed pole pieces on the top of the pickup with no gap around them, they are completely sealed in a black wax type deal. There is no way for anything to get inside that I can see nor is there a way for me to clean anything because of this. Though I hadn't thought of that as a potential problem, I will keep that in mind for the future.
  4. Actually, upon closer inspection, there is a tiny gap between the plastic cover and the pole pieces. Something potentially could have slipped in through there possibly. Still no way to look. :/
  5. Yes, but you'll find that steel will stick to the sealed-up undersides anyway. It doesn't need to get INSIDE the pickup to cause trouble. Just needs to short one of the leads. Do you get any noise if you just 'wiggle' the pickup while it's installed?
  6. No noise while I wiggle and the there is no exposed metal on the underside of the pickup. The lead wires go all the way into the wax leaving no metal exposed whatsoever. In cases like these, completely sealed pickups are not helping my problem. lol
  7. I see. Hmmm.
  8. I am usually pretty good about fixing anything on my own basses. I have refretted basses, have rewired several, and have been able to figure out any issue I have ever had. Not this one. I need help. About to pull the pickup back out as we speak.
  9. I hear ya. I guess if it were me I'd start eliminating things from the signal chain. I'd try running the pickup leads directly to the jack next.
  10. I actually did that. I hooked each pickup to the output jack and tested it that way. That is how I ended up with the it being the pickup as the culprit. With the pickup out right now, I can actually see a little bit of copper shielding slightly exposed around the edges, but no metal to speak of. Going to hit it with some tape none the less.
  11. Pulled it out, cleaned it up with tape as recommended and no improvement. Pulled on the wire and wiggled it around, nothing.
  12. 1 new bridge pickup from Ibanez is $136. Ridiculous. On top of that, they have none in stock. I have been unemployed for a while and have no cash for this problem. So frustrated. Fudge knuckles!

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