For Sale Ibanez Super J pickups from Ashula SRAS

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  1. GermantownBassp


    Dec 24, 2018
    New Jersey
    Ibanez Super J pickups removed from Ashula SRAS from 2018 as soon as I bought it. Neck (red) has 7" of wire, bridge has 5.5" of wire. Foam and springs included.
    Both Pickups are "short", 92mm by 19mm by 19mm. Screw holes are 40mm apart.
    Ibanez Super J.jpg Ibanez Super J2.jpg SRAS7
  2. Aidil


    Dec 4, 2014
    Jkt, IDN
    Would you mind sharing what kind of pickups the SRAS7 has right now that the stock Ibanez Super J pickups have been taken off? or have you made a separate thread of changing the SRAS7 jazz pickups?

    Love to see pictures of the SRAS7 with other kinds of pickups. I've been thinking to replace the stock Super J and put a pair of in-line split jazz pickups on mine so they would be still noiseless when the balance knob isn't centered.
  3. GermantownBassp


    Dec 24, 2018

    I did also want to have a dual coil, thus noiseless pickup. I got bartolinis.
    9CBJD-SB 4 String Jazz S Size Classic Bass Split Coil Bridge Pickup
    9CBJD-S1 4 String Jazz S Size Classic Bass Split Coil Neck Pickup

    I needed 1) dual coil 2) something without pole pieces, because how the strings are relative to the pickups and 3) someone who manufacured pickups with a short (neck-sized, S-size) bridge pickup. This was years ago. I was young. Maybe there are things I would get instead of barts now. Maybe not. I am happy with them.
    For fun I also put Optima gold strings on, gold tuners, and gold bridge and on the other side I put black nylons on. And then also gold and black q-parts knobs, for the two halves of the preamp.
    That purpleheart fretboard really looks purple!!!!
    vdpb2ypmmzvqrqb189xt.jpg nr2jfkcl0md4dr58yqds.jpg koqatze4f0molfyhuxy8.jpg
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    Dec 4, 2014
    Jkt, IDN
    Thanks for the quick reply. Those are quite a lot of mods.

    I've also swapped the tuning machines on my SRAS7. I chose Gotoh GB350 Res-O-Lite machines while still keeping the black finish. My goal wasn't to change appearance but to take some weight off the headstock. The weight saving is 7x20g = 140g, which is more than the weight of 2 pcs of its factory tuning machines (60g apiece). So, my SRAS7 headstock is now carrying tuning machines lighter than a 5 string bass with the Ibanez stock tuning machines.

    About putting on those Bartolini's, I'm also aware Ibanez uses the same size neck and bridge J pickups. The routing is the same 92mm in length, which corresponds to a short 4 string J pickup. But, the routing for the mounting screw ears isn't exactly the same as the routing for the mounting ears of a short J pickup, which screws are supposed to be 38mm apart on each side. Instead, it corresponds to a long J pickup mounting screw ears, which screws are 40mm apart on each side.

    So, this makes me doubt whether I should get a pair of short J pickups, or get a pair of long J pickup instead. If I were to have the short J pickup for both, I would need to make modifications to the routing of the mounting screw ears, which seems what you have done with yours. OTOH, a long J pickup length is 95mm, thus getting a pair of these would require to route the pickup cavity about 1.5mm on each side to make the long J pickup fits. Or, I could sand the long J pickup covers to make them shorter about 1.5mm on each side.

    Your Ashula deserves a thread on its own on the Basses Forum.
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    Dec 24, 2018
    Well thanks about recommending that my bass deserves a thread! I don't know which forum to do that in. Other than one in which I sell a bass.

    Yes. now that you mention it I did have to rout the ear-holes. How messed up is that? a short bridge size but with long ears! I had a Dremmel, which has those round sandpaper drill bits. That wouldn't work as easily to make a rectangle longer as it would to make a round indentation wider. I guess it was easy enough that I didn't have trauma that I remembered, like "what a nightmare that was." Glad you noticed otherwise I would have given a recommendation and then you come back saying, "Sir...."

    Getting the short bridge was a nightmare. I bought from bestbassgear and it was like three or four months. Bartolini had none, and then got parts and the magnets they got were bad and so they had to re-order magnets and then make them again. I guess that's a little cool. I had pickups that were specially made for me? sure...
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