SOLD Ibanez Weeping Demon jr Wah

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    Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah junior in shape. Dig it on both bass and guitar. Stock picture, but I will take pics of mine tonight. I love the auto-on/off, no clicking a switch before you can use it. Never left my smoke-free home. Possible trade for delay or looper, I will throw in cash.

    ibanez weeping demon jr.png
    Ibanez info:
    Combining high-quality output and functionality in a nicely priced wah-wah pedal.
    On the outside, the Ibanez Weeping Demon wah pedal and other Tone-Lok effect pedals are equipped with exclusive "set and forget" Push-Lok rotary pots. Push the knobs down and your tone settings lock securely inside the case. No more lost settings or knobs broken. On the inside, Ibanez WD7JR Junior Wah and other Tone-Lok guitar pedals feature hi-fidelity components carefully tweaked with the constant input from a new generation of Ibanez players. And all this great stuff comes encased in cool looking, road-tough metal boxes at prices the working player can afford.
    • Auto switch operation
    • Push-Lok rotary pots
    • Auto off control
    • Volume control
    • Adjustable spring tension
    • Retracting control knobs
    • Easy access battery compartment
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