Ibby SR505, Pup's Inquiry

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  1. I've got this Korean, Cort-era 5 string, with a Duncan pre installed. Original pup's. My question is how can I get a bit more aggro out of it? It is, as it is now, very polite and kind of compressed sounding- very much 'under control'. That's generally ok, but I wish it were a little 'woolier', a bit more like my Epi Thunderbird Classic Pro. That's a 2013, sounds thick and low-mids-y, has a good dose of growl, yet sits nicely in a band mix... has enough personality to stand up, but doesn't upstage the band sound.
    The Ibanez is pretty new to me, but I do think I've got a line on its sonic character. I've put a set of D'Addario Half Rounds on it, which I like... now I know that strings have a wide range of flavor to contribute to tone, so we're talking about layers of sonic character here. But as a base-line of the overall character, I'm looking for a little more grumble, something with more teeth.

    Any ideas? Thanks for your time!

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    What do the trim pots on the board do? You can always add an external pedal for the aggressive stuff.
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    I'd throw some new PUs in it. I've been impressed with the Ibbys that have the Nordstrand big singles in em. There are a ton of threads here about proper sizing for Ibanez 5 strings and Nordstrand has a great rep for being helpful.
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  4. That's not the first rec I've had about those.
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  5. I avoid pedals, things become suddenly complicated with a pedal. I do have a chorus I use for song... the trimpots might be worth looking into, but I tend to think that's not going to change the character of things much. Gain structure I spose, but I should investigate it.
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    @Count Bassie, I feel your pain. I've had some correspondence with Stew at Nordstrand about the Big Blades. I'm looking to replace the EMG setup in my Schecter. I'm liking what I'm hearing & I'm going to pull the trigger.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this era of Ibby had kind of an off size from standards. They looked like EMG, but were bigger. I'd seen a few upgraded basses like this with EMGs that were kinda swimming in the cavity.
    What do these pickups measure?

    As @Zoobiedood pointed out, give the trim pots a tweak and see what they do. You may be able to coax enough signal out of there to get you where you need... and it's free to try!
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    Looks like those trim adjustments inside affect the "slap mode" option, a preset EQ that's engaged by pulling up the vol knob. I couldn't find specs on what exactly slap mode is but typically those kind of settings are a mid scoop.