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I'd like some opinions

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by superbeast101, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. superbeast101


    Sep 6, 2010
    Hi all, New here. My name is Aaron. I live in Sydney, Australia. I've been playing bass for over 9 years now. My main gig is playing bass in Sydney Metal band ILCONTENT.



    I've posted some of my basses in the show your basses thread, but I'm looking for other bass players opinion on wether or not I should shed some of the arsenal.

    My main bass for the band is my Warwick $$ corvette. I bought this baby in 2009 and have loved everything about her since. the tone is amazing. punchy thick and awesome. compared to basses I had played before it's quite light and just kicks it :)



    The secondary bass I use for the band is a Musicman Strerling 4h. It's nice and light and has a punchy warm tone, and really kicks with thick low end. love the brightness from the maple neck too :)



    Sometimes I like to mix it up at rehearsals or in the studio with a fretless. like the basses above I string my basses like a 5 string without the g string. Ilcontent tunes to drop c, so I run b, e, a, d, strings tuned to c, g, c, f. This Cort fretless really holds up far better than I expected to. it's light and has a nice smooth, quick action. Although it doesn't get played much and I'm thinking of offloading it to a friend who wants it.



    I have a six string Esp ltd B206 that I purchased back in 2005. it saw some good action with a couple of bands that I used to be in, but now has pretty much sat on my rack for about 2 years. I've thought about upgrading the pickups and preamp, or selling it I'm still in two minds as to which.



    I have an ESP ltd F 255 five string that i purchased in 2007. I t was used in a previous band, but since then has lived on the rack. It's a fine bass. Neck through with EMG HZ pups, really dont know wether I want to hold on to this one or not.




    I also have an ESP ltd F 155dx. I purchased it in 2008 and only played it a few times. I really love the look and feel of this bass, but much like the six string I 'm undecided as to wether to upgrade the pups and pre amp or offload the bass.



    I have two different B.C. Rich beast basses. I love the look and sound of these basses, I keep them in natural tuning and use mostly the trans red model for playing natural tuning covers at party gigs or learning songs in that tuning.




    The black Beast bass has been signed by Lamb Of God. it gets played a bit less due to the sigs but I loves her.



    let me know what you think and your suggestions. any imput is appreciated
  2. Zitch


    May 12, 2010
    Akron, Oh
    Well my opinion is im not going to look at 18 different links to tell you what you should or should not do. If you like one keep it if you don't shed it, fairly simple.
  3. IngerAlb


    May 11, 2007
    IMO that's unpolite. If you don't feel like it, then don't post messages...

    Anyway...I'm not too fond of ESP nor BC Rich...but if I were you I'd send those ESPs to a new home ;) I haven't found a lower F model that I like - they look killer, but to me they sound too thin.

    You already have a very solid arsenal with the W and MM. So you have already 2 different tones that work well for metal type music.

    IMO (again) BC Rich are nowadays more about the looks rather than the tone, but ppl seem to like their basses anyway so hey, I might be wrong.

    All in all, if I were you I'd sell the pointy ones and get another W :)
  4. darkstorm


    Oct 13, 2009
    Unforetunately I dont have a facebook account, so I cant see the pics from your links. Anyway, besides your two main basses, the BC Rich Beasts would be the ones to keep imo. Then selling the others. So you can either buy something else wanted with the loot. Doesnt have to be music instrument gear. Or just to add to saveings account.
  5. superbeast101


    Sep 6, 2010
    well I really want a spector Euro 4lx and a ric 4001. The Esp basses sound a bit dull for the tone I like. They are quite heavy too, which i've really grown to dislike. I think i'd still like to upgrade one if them at least with blackouts or something to see the difference. thje purple f 155dx is a fair bit lighter and smaller so it suits my style more these days
  6. Sell the ESP's if you're not digging the sound.

    Also, are you sure you don't want a 4003? Their truss rod system is better.
  7. superbeast101


    Sep 6, 2010
    Either model of Ric would please me. I've played a 4001 and enjoyed it. but basicly whatever I can get my hands on :) I dream of owning a white one with black pickguard like Lemmy in early motorhead or rick james
  8. I'd also kinda like a white Rickenbacker, too. Except I think I'd actually prefer one with a white pickguard.
  9. superbeast101


    Sep 6, 2010
    pretty rare man, Im sure if you can find a decent white one a white pickguard shouldnt be too much drama to get your hands on. but I've never seen a white one in my corner of the world.. espescially one thats still white not faded to cream
  10. GrapeApe

    GrapeApe Banned

    Nov 9, 2009
    Richmond, Va
    When I first glanced over the title I thought it said "I'd like some onions", and I was like "Me Too!"

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