Ideal Strings for CGCF tuning?

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  1. LiesHeavy


    Jun 2, 2019
    Morning all,

    Just wondering if anybody has any recommendations for strings to use when tuning to Drop C (CGCF) on a 34" electric.

    I've been looking at a DR DDT set that comes with 115-95-75-55 gauges. However, I'm not sure that 115 will be thick enough to maintain a satisfactory and consistent tension. I've looked around a little, including on these forums, but have only managed to find discussion about using these strings to tune to D standard and Drop D. Anyone had any experience using 115 at C?

    If not, does anyone have any other recommendations of other sets/singles to look into?
  2. ixlramp

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    Jan 25, 2005
    Correct, DDT sets are gauged for all-4ths tunings. You need to boost the gauge of the lowest string by .010 relative to an all-fourths set to preserve its tension.
    Pre-packaged sets designed for a drop tuning (lowest interval a 5th) are very rare. Kalium have hundreds of such sets, but only because they build the sets on order and mail them to customers, some other companies do that too.
    I recommend either using singles or using one of these mail order companies that allow customisation at no extra cost.
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  3. Dunlop Extra Heavy Drop set.
  4. ixlramp

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    Jan 25, 2005
    Which is 060, 080, 100, 120. That's gauged for 4ths tuning not a true drop tuning with a 5th. Most so-called 'drop tune' sets are just heavy 4ths sets.
    The 120 will be good for C, but 100, 80 60 for GCF will be extremely tight. GCF is EAD + 3 semitones, imagine tuning up a 100-40 set 3 semitones.
    So the set would be too tight on the higher 3 strings and very tension imbalanced between the C and the GCF.
    In fact, for equal tension C and G you would need to use 120 and 80, not 120 and 100, that shows how imbalanced it would be.