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  1. I have looked at a Hamer bass here that I really like the looks of the body of the bass.. but then neck.. well it is really lacking! The fret job was terrible..So I got this wild idea, since the bass is on sale for 339.00 dollars.. and in thinking that a Wormoth body made the same way that this bass body is made that it would be close the same price as this bass is selling for.. or more.. so I was wondering.. buy the bass.. pull the neck.. take it to the local luther (to which is known in our area as a great luther) open the neck pocket for a five string neck and put a Gecko 5 string neck on it.. of course the obvious would that the bridge would have to be replaced.. a Spector bridge would be good in my idea.. any other opinions on bridges.. I would be going with bart p'ups and Aggie on-board pre-amp. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated..



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  2. I would get the Warmoth body instead. If you have them build the body you won't need to pay a luthier for routing the neck pocket. Since you're replacing everything else anyway, I see no advantage in buying the Hamer just for the body (and a neck with a poor fret job).
  3. I have certainly considered that idea.. it is not like a steamer body in likeness but it has that back curve like one.. that is what attracted me to the bass in the first place.. would wormoth.. do the same thing. ?

  4. I don't know offhand it they do the belly curve on their bodies. Send them an email. You'll probably get an answer within 24 hours.
  5. Thank you for the input.. did just that a little while ago.. when I get an answer.. I will post it here so you will know too..


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