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Ideas for a project bass- need input!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by calypsocoral302, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Okay, so I bought my first electric bass for $100 back in high school over 10 years ago. It a P-bass clone, but with some pretty upscale features, including the following:

    - The body is a very light piece of Alder (we're talking basswood-light!).

    - The neck is solid maple with an ebony fretboard, MoP dots.

    - The tuners are vintage open-gear Schallers

    - The neck joint has a micro-tilt mechanism, similar to American Standard Fenders of the '90's (about the same time this bass was made).

    - The pickguard is 3-ply black/white/black, and slightly wider around the jack than a standard P pickguard (mounting holes are different, too).

    - The included pickup is a passive EMG Select.

    I want to do a few upgrades to this instrument over time, seeing as how it is a pretty solid foundation, to address a couple of complaints. Namely, the lack of balance between that heavy neck and light body, the one-trick-pony pickup (it's does sound heavy... but that's about it...), and the fact that, upon trying to play Metallica's Anesthesia, I noticed that a slight curvature in the neck is preventing me from being able to play a note (instead the sound that comes out is the next fret!), and the truss rod is at the end of its travel.

    Given the exceptional light weight of the body, I would like to roll with that theme, giving serious consideration to the following upgrade options:

    1) Swapping out the P-pickup for a Lace Alumitone P, and adding a 3.5" Alumitone Bassbar at the bridge. If I need to enlarge the route at the current location of the jack to accommodate a Tone pot, I figure the shape of the pickguard (which, as I mentioned, is less tapered around the jack location than a stock P pickguard) could address that.

    2) Adding a lighter neck, with Die-cast tuners. This is where I really need some input. I was considering a Modulus Genesis neck, but I can't find anyone who sells them. I did see that Planet Bass sells a solid graphite Modulus neck in the J-shape (complete with string tree and tuners, to boot!), but I was really hoping to keep a P-shape, AND I honestly do not know if the graphite necks (from Status, Moses, or Modulus) are any lighter than their wood equivalents. Does anybody know anything about this?

    Any input or constructive criticisms of my future plans for this instrument would be appreciated. Thanks!

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