Identify the valve/tube! And a question for DB680 users

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  1. Anyone able to identify this valve? It has R T inside the green emblem in the first picture and crossed flags(?) in the second.

    I want to try some of these in my Ampeg SVP-CL but they currently live in my DB680.

    I don't have the ability to sound test the pre-amp's at home and was hoping someone with more experience might be able to offer some advice. I need to make any swaps before rehearsal and we won't be stooping to really switch them up mid rehearsal - we work hard in the rehearsal room :)

    Thanks in advance for the collective knowledge!

    IMG_0480.JPG IMG_0481.JPG
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  3. Sweet I've three of them in my pre-amp! I never thought to check out what was in it but having recently got another pre I thought I'd have a look!

    Thanks for the help!
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    Hello. Nice try, but not quite right. :D

    La Radiotechnique. Made in France; probably in the Suresnes factory, but maybe in Chartres. I would need to see the etchings more clearly.

    No visible parts in common with Mullard that I ever heard of, or that I ever noticed in my collection (several hundred vintage tubes). It's possible, though, I guess. For example, I have a thirdhand account via the daughter of a Mullard Blackburn factory worker that during some years some of the Blackburn envelopes (glass) were exactly interchangeable with those from the Amperex Heerlen factory (all under Philips).

    RT are superfine and characteristically French vacuum tubes. Extremely high headroom and spectral response. Not to everyone's taste for audio, though some swear by them in the way that some do Telefunken. RT made fantastic output tubes; for a while I ran one in a variable voltage tube power supply for a tube preamp and very much heard the difference.

    La Radiotechnique is always worth collecting and worth a listen.
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  5. Thanks for that! I'm gonna try them in the SVP-CL this weekend. They have been doing a fine job in my other pre and I'm wondering if the Ampeg will get a little extra with them installed!

    Roll on le weekend