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idiots at concerts

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by MikeTheBassist, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. i went to my first who concert last night at the garden. the show was great roger sounded great pete was like he was 20 years old again pino did an exalant job filling in johns shoes even though there was no bass solo in 5:15, but the solo in my generation was perfect. zak was like keith moon had taken over his body. (this is what im saying from seeing the tapes of keith) rabit was also great as useual. but anyway. at the end of the set after i wont get fooled again some guy throw an object up on stage and hit roger in the arm. now he was pissed and yelling at the guy saying come up on the stage and do that. after they came back from the walk off to do the encorepete joking around said " now this is what u are supposed to throw on stage, whatches, money, wallets, credit cards, ang girl friends" then someone threw money up on the stage and pete opened it up "a five! is that all im worth" someone threw some more on stage "a 20 thats more like it" afater putting the money away he said "this will go towards rogers hospital bill" but anyways it was agreat show and anyone else who is waiting there turn you will not be upset.

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