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For Sale Ido Bassetto 1931 Costrui

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by 2001abassodysey, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. 2001abassodysey

    2001abassodysey Supporting Member

    Jul 28, 2018
    Hi all,

    For sale is an early 20th century Italian bass, made by "Ido Bassetto" in 1931. Asking price is $27,000, but is negotiable.


    String Length: 105 cm (41.33 inches), D neck
    Upper bouts: 550 mm (21.85 inches)
    Middle bouts: 375 mm (14.76 inches)
    Lower bouts: 690 mm (27.17 inches)

    Lots of power despite a very friendly string length. Surprisingly good solo end with incredible clarity and projection. Good response. I'm not convinced that the Flexocore 92's I have on currently are its match - sounded great with some old Bel Cantos, too.

    I bought this bass in Milan, Italy from a retired non-musician who had inherited it from his uncle. They were both from Vicenza, near Venice. It had not been played for at least 50 years, so I had it restored by a prominent Virginia bass luthier. This included a new neck, a soundpost patch correcting the arch, new back-bracing, edge grafts, and a new bridge. I have been playing it in since last August, and it's gotten me to two finals so far, with some commenting on its "Italian" sound.

    The bass has the name "Ido Bassetto" carved into the back, as seen in the pictures below. There are inscriptions in pencil all over the back of the instrument. Next to "Ido Bassetto," there's "1931 Costrui," or "built in 1931". Further to the left, "Bassetto Oreste Nel Maggio 1941 Riparo," and on the other side, "Giuseppe Zamberti riparo in Vicenza anno 1971" - repair inscriptions. Along all the rest of the back is more writing by Oreste Bassetto, who describes himself as Ido's brother.

    While undeniably Italian, this appears to have been a one-off project by an unknown maker. It has a great solo end and a lot of power across the board, good tone in the low end, too. The asking price reflects my opinion of the bass as a tool compared to what else you can find in that range. It's priced to sell, and I'm open to negotiation.

    I am located in Maryland. I'm willing to drive around the Eastern seaboard and nearer parts of the Midwest if you'd like to see it.

    Photos: pre-restoration, but nicer than what I could do.

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
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  2. groooooove

    groooooove Supporting Member

    Dec 17, 2008
    Long Island, NY
    such a unique bass..... i'd love to hear it !
  3. 2001abassodysey

    2001abassodysey Supporting Member

    Jul 28, 2018
    Can drive to New York if you'd like to hear it live and see how it plays otherwise here are some YouTube videos from this winter. The videos are classical, but it would be just fine for jazz too!

    Bottesini Expo:

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  4. Very interesting bass. Good luck with the sale.
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