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  1. I need some help figuring out my signal chain for a festival show tomorrow.

    I usually go ampless, and the chain looks like this:

    Bass > pedalboard >>>Aguilar TH pre (DI to FOH)> EQ pedal (for in ear bass mix) > right channel of Sennheiser G2 IEM (L channel for monitor line).

    Since I don't have a signal splitter, how could I add a 4x10 + amp (GB shuttle 9.2) to that setup, potentially omitting the Aguilar preamp pedal, because of redundancy?

    Could I go, bass >pedalboard> amp >>DI on amp to FOH >>> headphone out >EQ > workedwi IEM?

    The key is that I want to have control over my own volume on the IEM mix, I have the Rolles pm351 for wires situations, but I'd like some solution for the wireless +amp idea.
  2. Care to maybe link to the page that will give an answer to my specific question?
    Or you just want a few more clicks on your website?
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    yes, you could use the headphone out.. however, make sure you can control the level going into the G2, or adjust the input side of the G2 accordingly..
    I know my Ampeg line out is WAY hot.. so be careful. Watch your signal levels, but yes.. it should work.
  4. I would use the pedal di for FOH and the amp di for your ears.
  5. The headphone out didn't seem to work, for some reason. But the tuner out and effects loop send worked nicely.
    I think I'll have friend who builds pedals make an AB box for me with some passive signal booster. Since even with 0dB input sensitivity, I still I need to crank the Senjy receiver to 75% volume.

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