If it bleeds I can kill it! HELP!

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  1. Hi,

    At the end of a jam on the weekend, my amp seemed to die.

    I pushed it a bit, but no more than 30% full volume but the gain & boost was up fully.

    I have an entry level Ashton BA150: http://www.guitar.com.au/amplifiers/bass/ashton/ba150.htm / http://aycu23.webshots.com/image/40462/2002257704417966278_rs.jpg

    At the end of the last song, when I played a note the amp started making a knocking sound like a rusty old gatling gun.

    Tried different leads, other power points, a guitar, etc. So definitely think it's an amp problem.

    My guitarist said it sounded like the preamp was shot, I wouldn't have a clue ... any ideas?
  2. toobalicious


    May 6, 2008
    triad, nc
    first guess from your description is a blown speaker.
  3. Thanks for your response toobalicious.

    A mate said if it is a speaker you can repair these - sometimes with a paper mache sort of approach. I'll get the grill off and have a close look at the speaker for any tears tomorrow, then start googling speaker repair.

    Any good sources for this?
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    If the cone is torn, you can repair it with contact cement. I've even done repairs with duct tape in an emergency. But if the voice coil is fried, then you need to have it reconed or replaced. Gently push on the cone around the dustcap with even pressure, and if you feel rubbing, it's fried.

    Try it out again before you go poking around, though. Sometimes amps do flukey things, then you take them home and they're OK.