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If you can have one bass and only one bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ArpeggiFish, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. ArpeggiFish


    Feb 24, 2008
    What would it be? For me it would be a Warmoth build. All the custom parts I want. BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :p.

  2. superfunk47


    Sep 9, 2007
    ritter classic 4...

    wont that be the day :p
  3. BartmanPDX

    BartmanPDX Supporting Member

    I believe the correct answer to this question is "I'd kick the @@@ of whomever made that rule." I'm forgetting the bassist to whom this quote is attributed, but I'd have to agree.

    I can't be tied down, man . . .
  4. Lia_G


    Oct 27, 2005
    I guess you mean electric bass, since this is the electric bass forum. :) If I could only have one bass, it would be my main upright. But for electric ... it would have to be the Stingray 5 that I had Mike Lull convert to fretless for me. Defretted and the fingerboard is coated in an ultra-hard polymer finish, sort of like the Pedulla buzz basses.

    That one just barely beats out my fretless P-bass.

  5. detracti


    May 5, 2006
    My Ray 4HH
  6. A custom tripleneck with 12-string, 4-string fretless and 5-string fretted. And a custom back brace to match it...:D

  7. Rudyboy98


    Jan 25, 2008
    South Bay, CA
    Only one bass?

    How could life be so cruel?

    A Ramirez bass..built for me by Wilser Ramirez...I am still waiting for it to be built!
  8. This is actually a pretty odd question for me to answer. I have played guitar on and off for about 20 years and the whole time I have NEVER owned more than 2 guitars at any one time (1 acoustic, 1 electric).

    I have played bass for 9 months now and own 6 basses. ***?! You folks are bad influences. BTW, all 6 are 4 bangers, fretted. I am thinking about getting a fretless soon.

    So a better question may be: What is it about a bass that makes you NEED more than 2 or 3?! I can tell you that I am MORE than happy with just my Schecter C1 Classic electric guitar, but I could not tell you which bass I would happily give up!

  9. Fender custom shop P
    ash body(natural)
    Purplehart neck(50s logo)
    ebony fretless unlined fingerboard
    PJ pickup config
    50s reverse tuners
    Schaller roller bridge
  10. I'd make mine simple. Fender MIA Jazz Bass '08, black with a maple neck, and a red tort pick guard.
  11. I refuse to answer that question incase my woman reads it.
  12. alexmoore10


    Apr 3, 2007
    Endorsing Artist: Ashdown Engineering Amplifiers, Elites Strings and Cosmic Ears IEMs
    Original pre CBS Fender Jazz
  13. fullrangebass


    May 7, 2005
    A Dingwall. Either my 'Uber Alles" Prima, or my Avatar Z1, or my Villex NVT Prima
  14. i'm pretty happy w/ my jazz so i'm sticking w/ it
  15. Alembic Europa;)
  16. speedkills


    Jan 10, 2008
    Dont know if I'd want it as my last and only bass, but I'd give almost anything for a Rick 4003...it WILL be my NEXT bass - just not my ONLY bass :)
  17. whizack


    Oct 23, 2007
    the bass in my avatar picture, i could live with never playing a different bass.
  18. PMC89


    May 1, 2006
    New Jersey
    probably a ken smith. maybe lined fretless...

    or maybe, a rickenbacker.

    or maybe... a cuatom bass.
  19. xlows


    Oct 21, 2006
    I could see myself getting the most use out of an upright if I was stuck with one bass.
  20. bassforce

    bassforce Guest

    Feb 7, 2007
    P-bass, american vintage '62 :D

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