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If you could have one famous bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bruiser Stone, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Rob from Epica has a couple custom Dingwall super Series basses I’d love to get my hands on.
    2A785FDF-B302-496A-9D97-438C75C17475. 6491D060-016E-4DFF-9723-E549C05BD4FD.
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  2. outoftune

    outoftune Supporting Member

    Nov 30, 2011
  3. Tom Gallo

    Tom Gallo Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2015
    Outside Boston
    Roger Glover's Machine Head era Rickenbacker.
    One of Ox created Fenderbirds.
    Gary Tallent's short scale PRS bass
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  4. mrm56

    mrm56 Supporting Member

    Jun 11, 2013
    heart o texas
    sklar p.
  5. matti777

    matti777 Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 2007
    Edmonton, Canada
    Willie Weeks precision
  6. handofseven

    handofseven Soaking up the cathode rays...

    Mar 23, 2010
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
  7. Basically Bob

    Basically Bob Supporting Member

    Aug 24, 2008
    Simcoe, Ontario
    Rick Danko’s Ripper
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  8. DanAdams


    Nov 3, 2013
    Oh darn. I did do a quick scan for images, which begs the rhetorical question...
    If one makes a Mothman post with no pic, is it really a Mothman post?
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  9. mahoho


    Jul 29, 2019
    I’ll go with John Wetton’s beautiful and titanic-sounding King Crimson P.
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  10. Max

    Max Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2000
    Bakersfield, CA
    Carol Kaye. Cool old bass. "Yeah, Carol Kaye played it when they recorded Good Vibrations."
  11. Rabidhamster


    Jan 15, 2014
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  12. Bruce Thomas's P.
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  13. quindecima

    quindecima Supporting Member

    Sep 18, 2016
    Walterville, Oregon
    The one from Stark Naked and the Car Thieves.
  14. JtSD619


    Nov 10, 2011
    San Diego
    Bass of doom
  15. AlvarHanso


    Jun 20, 2011
    That's my choice, too, especially if I could play it through The Wall.
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  16. RumbleMan3


    Apr 14, 2018
    James Jamerson’s 60s p bass.

    Next, Joe dart’s white jazz bass, it’d be my backup jazz.

    Also, John Taylor’s latest Peavey cirrus, that pearly blue one with the gold bridge. (I’m not a huge fanboy of his, but I dig his work. He provides a great pocket of groove, dance lines for his band.) I just really like the sound and look of that bass though... I think that bass has one of his best tones I’ve heard him use, and it’s a really cool, unique looking bass too, I love it. It must have been a limited edition or custom made model just for him, because I’ve never seen another. If anyone actually has one like his, let me know!

    Not sure if this counts, but also Joe dart’s signature stingray. They’re all sold out I think. I’d probably never even get to be in the same room as one.
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  17. Kubicki Fan

    Kubicki Fan

    Oct 3, 2014

    John Deacon's P
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  18. RumbleMan3


    Apr 14, 2018
    I only just saw this after I posted mine. :facepalm:

    I knew I wouldn’t have been the only one
  19. FWIW, should you want a Stanley Brown Bass or an Entwistle Exploiter or any other Alembics played by the famous, Alembic retains all of their templates, blueprints, wiring diagrams, etc., and they will make you one by order, just as they used. It will be beyond fine, but it ain't gonna be cheap . . . . . . .

    Remarkably for Stanley, who is definitely a large, full-grown man with big hands, his axes are all short-scale with shaved necks, they make a Ric or Jazz Bass neck feel like a baseball bat.
  20. Being the John Paul Jones nut that I am, his Jazz comes to mind. But Since he has refinished his a few times, removing the "mojo", and I have a Fullerton era 62 reissue that's close enough, I'd pick his Bec Var 8 string.

    image. image.

    A close second would be his Fender bass V, although I have heard a bootleg where he was using this bass, and it sounds like doo doo.

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