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If you had one choice for all around tone fearful and

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Arnie, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Arnie


    May 14, 2005
    Kingston, NY
    If you had the choice to build only ONE fearful cabinet and your band played 70's 80's rock, light weight is a concern. What model would you build?

    of course there is always the option to build another one down the road..
  2. wcriley


    Apr 5, 2010
    Western PA
    My personal favorite for any genre from any era is the 12/6.
    As small as most 210s. Weighs less than 40lbs. Built with the Alpha mid driver, it's the cheapest to build/buy. Fed enough enough power, it's loud enough for most of my gigs. Add a second one and the stack is loud enough for any sane gig.
  3. will33


    May 22, 2006
    1212/66 with regular alpha6 mids. Nicer sounding mids than a single 18sound, and fall off naturally around 5khz.....good for grit, overdrive, etc.

    Single 4ohm cab, taller, smaller footprint, yet still lighter and more compact than a 215, or 610, etc. And enough output you'll never come up short.
  4. Passinwind

    Passinwind I know nothing. Commercial User

    Dec 3, 2003
    Columbia River Gorge, WA.
    Owner/Designer &Toaster Tech Passinwind Electronics
    New one on me...link, please?
  5. will33


    May 22, 2006
    An assumption on my part......we all know how those can end up.

    If there is a 12/6 with an alpha, why wouldn't there, or couldn't there be a 1212/66 with alpha's? I thought they were using the standard alpha 6 before the alphalites came around.
  6. will33


    May 22, 2006
    A pair of 12/6's would be close to the same thing, no? It's just all in one box with 4ohm crossover.
  7. wcriley


    Apr 5, 2010
    Western PA
    Greenboy's design goal with the 1212/6 was to have a dual woofer, 4 ohm cab that was as small and light as possible while maintaining the fEARful tone profile. A second mid driver would have increased the size and weight.
  8. Jim Carr

    Jim Carr Dr. Jim Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 21, 2006
    Denton, TX or Kailua, HI
    fEARful Kool-Aid dispensing liberal academic card-carrying union member Musicians Local 72-147
    Early '70s live sound, or studio sounds? Name a few LPs? :p

    In any case, 12/6 or a 15/6/1 plus a powerful head (>500 watts into 8 ohms) should do it. Add a sub12 or sub15 if you need more. :bassist:
  9. ::::BASSIST::::

    ::::BASSIST:::: Progress Not Perfection.

    Sep 2, 2004
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    If you were to build only one cab I would choose the 15/6. When I built mine I used Italian Poplar wood and the weight came out to 43LBS. Even composite will only be about 3LBS lighter.

    Now if weight was a major concern I would go with the 12/6 (and add a 12sub later). Mine weighs 36LBS and with some thought I bet you could get down to about 33LBS. The 12/6 will approximate a good 310 cab in terms of output. The 15/6 will rival a 610. Given enough wattage of course.
  10. 4Mal

    4Mal Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    Columbia River Gorge
    In terms of efficiency, the 15/6 hands down. In terms of movability, the 12/6. I gig a 12/6. Sometimes I add a 12/sub... A single 15/6 will get in the same neighborhood amd overall is easier to move than both cabs .... For me I only need the 12/6 almost all the time. Adding the sub if just a sometimes time thing.

    So ImO - it really depends on your volume requirements... The 12/6 is a very practical gig cab for me...
  11. dukeorock

    dukeorock Owner BNA Audio Supporting Member Commercial User

    Mar 8, 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Authorized greenboy designs builder/Owner of BNA Audio
    Easy...if you were only gonna do one cab, 15/6. If I were playing fEARfuls...two 12/6's with alphalite mid drivers
  12. vbchaos


    Sep 5, 2011
    Groningen, The Netherlands
    Uncompensated endorsing user: fEARful
    only one cab, looking at weight, mobility etc?
    The 15/6 without a doubt (for me)

    1212/6 already becomes bulky if you really dig into weight and size, 12/6 might be a very little too less for what you look for.

    IMHO: go with either a 1212/6 although it's more bulky or get yourself a more veriable rig and pair the 15/6 with whatever you like (12/6, 15/6, 15sub).
  13. This chain of thought is how I ended up with the cabs that I did.

    Bought a 1515/66/1. Love it, will keep it for ever, it will crush your enimies, pillage and defile the women, and will be generally awesome.

    I can't get the futhermucker up the stairs at my new apartment (too narrow, cant even get a couch up there....) So I bought a 15/6. Its smaller and lighter, and I could get it up the stairs. It was a great cab, but when I had the option to move it and swap out to two 12/6/1's I did. I have no regrets.

    '66 lite


    So I can take one cab for small stuff, two (or a DuallyT) for medium/big stuff, or my '66 for BIG stuff.
  14. Foz


    Jul 26, 2008
    Jax FL USA
  15. Oobly


    Jun 19, 2008
    12/6/1 Cube with Alpha mid and Eighteensound tweeter (with switchable fixed Lpad). Best bang for the buck, and it's a lot of bang!

    Pros: It's powerful enough for almost any gig, smaller and lighter than a 15/6/1, easier to carry, etc.

    Cons: May not be enough for some situations, less efficient than a 15/6.

    Then build another one later (minus the tweeter) for a 4 ohm mega rig! :D

    This is coming from someone who has a 15/6/1. I prefer the smoother mids of the Alpha mid driver, I don't like the cone breakup you get with the Eighteensound mid which you need to match the sensitivity of the 15". The 15/6 is just on the awkward side in terms of carrying, the 12 is more convenient.

    I've put in a true 3 way crossover to avoid the harsh cone breakup and don't gig right now, so I don't have to move the cab. I'm very happy with it right now, but sometimes I do wish I'd built a pair of 12's instead.
  16. Oobly, what does your 15/6/1 weigh & what ply was used in the build?

    Peter <almostreadytostartmy15/6/1tubebuild:)>
  17. gpx1200


    Apr 24, 2013
    spencer mass
    i'm working on a 1212/6/1 right now with a built in rack box on top for my rb700. for me this is the most portable option because I can grab the handle on top flip it back on the wheels and roll away my cab, head and cables all at once with one hand. a single 15 or 12/6 would be to short to roll around like that even with a 15/6 you'd have to hunch over to roll it and then you can't carry a bass in the other hand like that. also the 4ohm cab gets the most out of your head without needing another cab.
    those are my reasons for the 1212/6 but they don't aply to everyone, I have a large suv and a pretty strong back so i'd rather lift a little more and make less trips and the more condensed I keep my gear the less of a chance I forget or loose some of it
  18. Jim Carr

    Jim Carr Dr. Jim Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 21, 2006
    Denton, TX or Kailua, HI
    fEARful Kool-Aid dispensing liberal academic card-carrying union member Musicians Local 72-147
    Are you building an airhead?
  19. Ukiah Bass

    Ukiah Bass

    May 10, 2006

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