If you would like to hear some TI Flats and TI Powerbass strings....

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Slaphappy, Nov 20, 2001.

  1. I've been a busy bee in my studio lately :) In addition to working on a new tune (will be done in a couple of days), I've redone some of my older ones and added another new one.

    For TI's, the tune "Ethereal Funk" has just been redone using my Precision again, but this time it's strung with TI Jazz Flats. The bass's vol. and tone are all the way up, running into my BDDI with controls as follows (This applies for the other two tracks I will discuss here):
    Level: 12 o'clock
    Blend: 1:30
    Treble: 1:00
    Bass: 1:30
    Drive: 9:30
    Presence: 2:00

    No other fx (save a bit of compression) or EQ. I played fingerstyle between the neck joint and pup, then switched to slap for the end. Its an un-modified Am Std Precision with maple neck/medium setup.

    Also on the TI tip, Good King Wenceslas has been re-recorded in it's 20 seconds of glory ;) . This time I play my Roland drumkit (first recording of it!) and my Geddy Lee Jazz with TI Powerbass nickel rounds. The GL is full up on it's knobs, low action, fingerstyle near the neck pup, same BDDI settings as above. Same light compression, no other EQ.

    Final tune I'd like to mention (only about a minute long), is my sort of impromptu take on "Auld Lang Syne." I was recording GKW and got to thinking about that song and the events of 9-11, and reacted with this recording. I just played the song as I heard it in my head, so it's just an interpretation of a tune I've never read for or played before, but the feeling is there, I hope.

    For this one, I used my Ric 4001V63, strung with Rickenbacker nickel rounds (though I'll slap some TI Powerbass strings on there soon). Bridge pup soloed, knobs at max, same BDDI settings as above, fingerstyle (tho it almost sounds like a pick at times). Some compression as above, but with some digital reverb for depth, as this is a solo piece.

    Hope you guys like these.....or at least use them as an opportunity to hear TI strings if you've been curious :)

    Plz click on the link below for my AMPCAST site, or, if you prefer, go to www.mp3.com/entrylevel : all the same tunes are there as well.