SOLD If you've got the "URGE"......(i've got your bass!)

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    First, a history lesson......

    "The original Fender Urge Bass was designed in conjunction with John Page and was the first Artist Signature bass offered by Fender, and featured a sleekly downsized alder body; two Custom Noiseless Jazz Bass pickups; a Custom Precision Bass pickup; dual-band EQ; 18v power supply (only on Urge II) and a Lace Sensor on first Urge".

    1) "the first Artist Signature bass offered by Fender.."
    2) String thru body bridge..way ahead of it's time..."
    3) 32" scale very forward thinking in 1989
    4) 2 jazz and one "p" pickup, with an 18V preamp...unheard of at the time

    and these are just some of the features the STU HAMM URGE I bass offered. And what's even cooler is all controls work as they should. Remarkably easy to play, incredibly complex tonal capability. Currently strung with Ernie Ball COBALT SLINKY FLATS, the rich palette shines through. Barely 9 lbs (if that), and Sherwood Green just KILLS! Having just looked over the bass quite carefully, there are NO DINGS or major scratches on the axe. Thirty years old-might even qualify as a "closet classic". Original hard Shell case of course-I never used the case, and I cannot imagine the gent (or lady) who had it before me used it much either.

    Fortunately, I have been able to locate the control layout sheet. There is a definite learning curve should you want to take advantage of all the options at your disposal. For me, the fun was flipping switches, adding /boosting frequencies was qood enough for me! AND HERE YOU GO!


    For a piece of Fender bass history, not to mention a cool factor off the charts, THIS BASS will satisfy your URGE.

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    I have one in black with a subtle sparkle to it, not sure what it’s called. Incredibly light, well balanced and comfortable. I believe Philip Kubicki was in involved in the design of the electronics. Yours is stunning in the Sherwood Green.