i'll never stop - one more Rob Allen clip

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  1. That is a great sound! Thanks for the clip. I've been away for a while and have wanted to hear a Rob Allen for a while.
  2. thanks!

    mix is a little rough. recording before work gets a bit crazy.


  3. I've wanted a fretless for a while and I love the acoustic sound. I think I will build a fretless soon and see what happens. Have you been playing fretless for a while now?
  4. i started on a fretless P back in the 70's.

    i have a couple of fretted basses that i love playing.

    but, i always go back to fretless.

  5. Mojo-Man

    Mojo-Man Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2003
    Very nice.
    Great tone.
    Did you use any effects on that track?
    I love The Rob Allen sound.
    My next bass will be a Rob Allen Fretless Deep 5 EADGC.
  6. Hmmmm. I've played a fretless tacoma for all of 3 minutes and that's it. I have a feeling once I get one I won't go back either.
  7. thank you.

    for the bass, just a hint of reverb to give it some space. nothing heavy.

    all my recordings since i moved to san diego have been with my Rob Allen MB2 fretless 4.

    those things are drop dead gorgeous. have you tried one?

  8. its almost evil how fretless consumes the ear and fingers.

  9. It occurred to me not so long ago that half of the effects I have ever purchased were to simply add more expression to my playing. When a fretless will allow you to do that all by itself. I don't mean to suggest that it could replace any effects but I think I would certainly use them less than I do now which isn't much. My problem is funding. I just shelled out a &^%load of money to go to a luthier school. Now I have to shell out a ^%load of money on tools but I will build myself a fretless in the next year.

    That being said... I'll never give up my fretted baby! I built that tele from all parts and the acoustic from scratch at my school.

  10. don't get me wrong. i love ALL things bass.

    i'm actually in the market for another fretted. just saying fretless is very addictive.

    and, WOW...amazing work on the tele and acoustic. beautiful flame on the sides.

    i've had a thing for Tele's ever since i can remember. she's a beaut!

    the fender 50's reissue tele sure is a player.

    again, great work!

  11. I was just trying to say even if I stopped playing fretted bass that Stambaugh will still be with me forever! It was ordering that bass that inspired me to learn how to build and do repairs. And I just love the way it looks.

    You should hear that tele! It has a Lindy Fralin tele bridge pickup and a Lindy Fralin strat pickup at the neck. The bridge sounds like a tele but that neck pickup reminds me of Trey Anastasio's fat dripping wet lead tones I always here from him.

    To get back on topic though... I love that Rob Allen sound. I play my bass unplugged every once in a while and I put my cheek up to the upper horn to here it better. That is the sound I want out of my bass and your is very similar to that sound.
  12. That's nice man. Are you playing the guitar as well? Thanks for posting that!
  13. yes, i'm playing guitar and bass on those tracks.

    loop drums.

  14. Kosko


    Dec 12, 2005
    I was admiring your luthiery in the acoustic and noticed the bass. I was struck because it looked so nice. Then I saw the headstock and was like, "Oh, its a Stambaugh, haha, its all coming together now". I'm so happy I've put my deposit down on one of those...

    Also, I transformed my Squier into a fretless and found that I loved it. I'm currently trying to learn all my old material on it.

    Keep up the good work on the wood and the playing :)
  15. Thanks and congrats on getting a Stammie! They are amazing instruments. What are the specs? Have you worked it all out yet?
  16. Hey fhodshon,

    Care to post a pic of your Rob Allen?
  17. Kosko


    Dec 12, 2005
    Pretty much set on specs

    35" 5 String, probably 26 frets (reason is to open up the 20-24 area)
    Woods: Wenge, Northern Ash, Bubinga, probably some walnut and maple in the neck
    Pickups: the 3 slim bart design Chris has been doing lately
    Thin neck, wide spacing near bridge, thin near nut

    Going for a Warwick type sound with clearer highs

    I did a little sketch of my design so far(roughly based on another bass he did).

    haha, thanks for asking though, its one thing I never mind talking about. :)
  18. sure: