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I'm a beginner in dire need of help

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by LizardKing45, Oct 1, 2000.

  1. Well,ive had my bass for abouta week, and im working on my notation with my "learn to play bass" book ( the actual title escapes me, and im slowly progressing with my notation reading(SLOWLY), but i do know kinda know how to read tab, because i like to try to teach myself some of my favorite songs, but i am stumped on one... it reads like this (i already tuned down my bass):


    What is the p? it says Pull Off... what does that mean.. what do i have to do to get it to sound right? i kinda have the hammer down... and what does (3) mean? does it mean to let the note ring?..
    If u guys can help me id really appreciate it...

    Oh and by the way, the song im tryin to figure out is.."When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros" by GlassJAw... anyone know em? if so.. email me cause i have had a hard time finding other fans of theirs to talk to..
  2. the change in format screwed up my tab writing.. damn.. well u get the idea..

  3. If the whole song only uses those strings there was probably no need to down tune. :)

    The 3 is an odd ball. it means sorta drop it in there.. if ya can. until u know the song backwards just leave it out.

    to pull off, sorta hit the note and pull your finger downwards off the string. Its that sorta mindset, although people may say i'm worng. If you keep that in mind the pull off comes naturally. :D

  4. I thought (3) meant ghost note, but maybe that's wrong. Usually any bass tab book you can buy from a music store will have a notation guide in the beginning or end of the book, you could just take a peek next time you're in one.

    Just to be sure you get the pulloff, it's nothing complex at all. It's just the opposite of the hammer-on. Instead of playing a note by just fretting it (and not striking it), you're taking a finger off and the note below it that you will be fretting with another finger will play. So in the song you're learning, that goes 4h5p4h5p4, you will have 2 fingers on the G string, the finger on the 4th fret stays there, and the other finger just keeps fretting and unfretting the 5th fret. And you don't pluck or pick the G string the whole time. It's like a trill. It's a lot harder to explain in words than it is to see someone do it. It's so simple it's insane. Hope this helps.

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