I'm a big fan of Gmail, but...

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    ... the most recent update really sucks. First, you must reload the page after opening or downloading an attachment since a blank page appears after clicking on "view" or "download". "Why did they do this?" was my only question.

    But now, to make things worse, I've concluded that a strange slowdown in my system's performance is due to Gmail. I'm very careful about keeping Windows the most "healthy" possible, so it was strange to me that my system started showing signs of a need for reinstalling after two months of replacing my HD and installing Windows XP from scratch. Just from curiosity, I decided to close my browser and open it again without the Gmail tab that usually keep open (because I noticed that Gmail is taking longer than usual to load pages), and everything is working perfectly fine now.

    Anybody else experiencing this? Hopefully the Gmail team will take prompt actions.
  2. I have noticed that Gmail has been running pretty slowly as of late, but I wouldn't say that it has affected my systems performance in any way.

    The problem I have with Gmail and the idea of it in general is that it is adding too many applications. Sure, it makes it more convenient, but it is too complicated now, and only going to get more so. This causes issues inevitably.
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    Google is going against their winning philosophy. They've always excelled with "simpler is better." GMAIL fails lately. KISS.
  4. I haven't had any of these problems lately, and I didn't even know google updated gmail..
  5. Alvaro Martín Gómez A.

    Alvaro Martín Gómez A. TalkBass' resident Bongo + cowbell player

    Well, I've just noticed an "older version" link at the right top of the Gmail page. I've just clicked on it and Gmail seems to be working much better now.
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    May 7, 2006
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    Didn't notice anything odd, but I download most of my messages through Mozilla Thunderbird
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    Feb 17, 2006
    Why not simply use a mail client with gmail?
  8. CrazyArcher


    Aug 5, 2004
    +1. Opera's mail client works just fine.
  9. Ok, I had not noticed this at all. So I went and checked each version to see which was faster, the newer version loaded faster.