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I'm a completely new Bass player, i have Questions.

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by Oshy, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Oshy


    Dec 23, 2013
    Alright, i'm getting a Bass Guitar for Christmas and i have some questions regarding playing, what i need, etc. Ill make it nice and simple in a list:

    1. I have clubbed thumbs, will this affect my playability? I understand a lot of Bassists use they're thumbs to play, and i'm not sure if ill do it as good..

    2. Does the Bass size ABSOLUTELY matter? I'm 13, can i just buy a full size bass? I'm going to grow into one eventually anyway..

    3. Personally, i'm crazy about Semi-Hollow Basses, they look stunning and they sound pretty nice too, thing is, i cant find any that are recommended or cheap enough for me to save up for if i decide on to buy one in the future. What is the key difference from a Semi-Hollow and a plain solid body? And are they good for beginners?

    4. I'm used to reading treble clef in mostly everything, I have two acoustic guitars, but i am just horrible at playing chords and things like that and i really don't like them anyway. I mostly play Violin, Viola, Tenor Saxophone, Autoharp, Piano. (yeah, i dont read Bass clef, i just play my songs on Piano and Autoharp by ear, same with Viola.) I want to become a dedicated Bassist, will it be harder to learn Bass clef?

    5. Are these off brands really not that good? I just want a cheap beginner one to start with, nothing too fancy, nothing professional, just something that will work for a while until i get good. I know what to look for in a Bass, and i know what i want, but can i start with something plainly on Ebay for $100-$150?

    6. Does the Amp matter? BIG question. I play Electric Violin and i use a electric guitar amp for that, a Yamaha GA-10. Will i need to buy a special amp JUST for my Bass? I don't want something to expensive or big, just something loud and useful enough for me to play in my bedroom when i want to practice.
  3. noiseguy


    Apr 1, 2013
    Check out SX basses at Rondo as well.
  4. Oshy


    Dec 23, 2013
    Alright ^^ Totally going to consider one of the two, i personally cant decide over the
    Douglas SPB 1100 White Semi Hollow Bass and the SX Ursa 3 RN CAR w/bag. The Douglas costs more than the Ursa, and it doesn't come with a case, but i just cant get over my passion for Semi Hollows.. They look and sound so amazing.. They both seem like they would be completely reliable, and they both have decent reviews from what i have read. I'll keep those two as a possible option. Thanks for the recommendation though.
  5. huckleberry1

    huckleberry1 Supporting Member

    Jul 1, 2013
    Mesquite, Texas
    Do get a bass amp, cheap is fine.
    Squire & Ibanez as jazzonlyjazz suggested, as far as bass and treble clef- not that different, you'll easily adjust. And welcome to TB!
  6. Trust me. All of us at TB lust after certain basses that are unaffordable. It's natural. ;) like me I lust after that custom shop $8000 geddy Lee jazz bass but Meh.
  7. I would have a good look at the bass you are going to buy and check out two things first:-

    (1) weight distribution :- some guitars have a lot of "neckdive" (too much weight in the neck) which is thoroughly annoying and uncomfortable no matter what the guitar sounds like.

    (2) Scale length............some people like long scale....others find long scale difficult to play.

    Check out both.........I play a 34" long but I like the shorter scale much better and it will be my next guitar.

    I have really big hands and fingers but I still find the long scale is a pain in the arse (er......wrist).
  8. MalcolmAmos

    MalcolmAmos Supporting Member

    I play with my thumb, a carry over from using a plectrum on the rhythm 6 string guitar. It does what I need. As to chubby or not, it'll all be good.

    I do not use anything beyond the 15th fret anyway. Check out some fretboards and see if you can handle the 15th fret.

    You want the semi-Hollow -- go for it.

    It's just All Cows Eat Grass. Not a big deal, you will have it in no time. Rust develops very quickly, you will have to read each day for quite some time.

    I never use Ebay - old fashion ----- any bass you get will do OK right at first. No one makes junk anymore, and anything you get in that price range will know more than you do.

    Does the amp matter? Yes, but as you are just starting out and talking about the low end of the price range anything that you can hear is OK for now.

    Go get what you can afford, it'll play anything you ask of it right now. Later when it is not doing what you ask of it, well then it's time to up-grade.

    Some stocking gifts that will come in handy. You may have some of these already:
    An electronic tuner $15 - $35,
    A bass stand $20.
    A sheet music stand. $15 - $35.
    A bass shoulder strap $15.
    The book Bass Guitar for Dummies $25.

    Have fun.