I'm a high fiver!

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  1. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    I finally decided to go nuts and change over to the high C crowd in the five string world. I figured, what the hell? I bought a six string set since
    • A) No one I am aware of make five string sets with a high C
    • B) I can always shift them over if I don't like the C, cause I'm going to save the B

    (^ List feature :D )

    All went well. I was afraid that the nut slot issue might give me trouble. The slots look like they are a little big, but I don't have any rattling so I guess all is well. I had to do a quick tweak to the truss rod, but that was no problem. Also, since the only six string set available was 34" scale, I was kinda gambling that all would be well considering I have a 35" bass. But it works, and it works well. I highly recommend it. :D
  2. I'll stick to my phat B thankyou very much! lol whatever takes your fancy. good to hear it worked.


  3. I've just firmed up some plans for a new Frankenbass and have decided that a high five setup is going to be my choice. That low B really throws me off and my style fits the higher register anyway.
  4. I did that with a Washburn XB500 I had. Worked pretty good. That was when I had 2 5string basses. But it's not a big priority now, but I did like the other side of extended range bass playing.
  5. Tumbao


    Nov 10, 2001
    :confused: Two guys with the same head??
    Who's who??

  6. I have a XB500 too! i lurv it! lolol



  7. Stingray5

    Stingray5 Supporting Member

    Apr 6, 2000
    Long Island, NY

    • I had my fretless set up llike this for a while. Very nice. As far as no one making a five string set with a C, I know DR used to. I bought them by accident. At first I thought maybe it was a packaging mistake but the outside package clearly listed the guages as 30 45 65 85 105.

      I looked on their site just now and if they did offer this set, they don't anymore.
  8. warwick offer a set with 30-105

    i've never tried the Warwick branded strings, but i'm also just about to string my fretless as a high C bass
  9. Pietzsa

    Pietzsa Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2000
    Orange, Texas
    I just converted my Stingray 5 to a high fiver and I won't be going back. I play a lot of chords and do a lot of tapping things so it fits my style better. I just ordered a bunch of C strings from JustString.com and that way I just buy 4 string sets when I need to change strings. I didn't have to change my nut or anything. It really frees you up for expression, especially if you don't have a guitar player in your band.
  10. 6 months ago I picked up an inexpensive 5 to try out the hiC, it has becmoe the other bass I always take to the gig and my Low B bass just gets used in the studio.