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I'm at my wits end!!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by beatloaf, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. beatloaf


    Aug 5, 2005
    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and I have a problem that I can't seem to figure out. I've done a search on this and have found people with similar problems but never a fix to it. I bought a Kustom Groove head back in May. When the weather started getting hot the amp would overheat and shut down for 10-15 seconds. It didn't bother me to much I just blamed it on the super hot practice space, well it started happening during gigs and that's when I had it. I thought it was a problem with the head so I contacted a warranty service center about repairs, I was told it would take 4-6 weeks to get fixed. Well in the meantime I picked up a Hartke 3500 head to use while the Kustom was down. During my 1st practice with it I had the same problem. So now I know it's not the heads. Here's the equipment I'm using. I can't seem to figure this out.

    MM stingray
    Sansamp Bassdriver
    Fender pro 4x10 8ohm
    fender pro 1x15 8ohm

    I've tried turning all the levels way down on my bass and the sansamp and still have this problem after about 30 min. of playing.

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. maybe a dodgy battery in your MM or BDDI?

    holding some chrage then cutting out now n then

    Have you tried playing with a passive bass straight to the amp, or just with the MM straight to amp, try and cut out as many variables as possible to find where the problem lies
  3. billfitzmaurice

    billfitzmaurice Commercial User

    Sep 15, 2004
    New Hampshire
    Owner, Bill Fitzmaurice Loudspeaker Design
    The amps are overheating and that usually means too low an impedance load. Has anyone ever possibly been inside that 4x10 and messed with it?
    Option 2: Are the amps rack mounted? If so there may not be enough cooling, you may have to add an auxiliary fan.
  4. Dirty power?

    Do you have the rig running througha power conditioner?

    Are you SURE the heads are overheating?

    If there are nasty spikes in the power, or if the line goes brown (under normal voltage) then the amp *could* trip off to protect. I'm guessing here.

    Wierd. Yes. Check all variables, including a totally different locale.

    Best of luck.
  5. Low Class

    Low Class Supporting Member

    Jul 4, 2005
    Orange Park, Florida
    I would double check your cabs and make sure they are 8 ohms each. Also check for bad speaker cords, a short in those could cause the problem.
  6. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    How thick is the wire in your speaker cables? I always use 12 guage or thicker. Be certain not to use an instrument cable for speakers.

    Ever try putting a small fan behind your amp to increase cooling, and see if that fixes your problem? Just some thoughts.
  7. beatloaf


    Aug 5, 2005
    Thanks for the responses!
    When I say it shuts down I mean it's going into safe mode. The power stays on just no sound comes out.

    -I've replaced the batteries several times.

    -I haven't ran my bass straight to the head, I'll give that a shot. I have tried using a bass overdrive pedal instead of the BDDI & still had the same problem.

    -I bought the cabs brand new and I haven't been inside of them. But I'll give that a shot. I also had this problem when I was running the 1x15 with a 2x10. Maybe it's the 1x15?

    -I am running through a power conditioner. And these are rackmounted with plenty of ventilation. I've even clipped a little fan on the rack and still had this problem.

    I've tried turning all the eq knobs on the bass down, running bass volume at about 1/4, running the BDDI level at about 1/4. Can the signal going in be to hot causing overheating?
  8. beatloaf


    Aug 5, 2005
    My cables are 12 ga. And I've tried other cables as well. This isn't something that happens everytime I play either. I can to a gig one night and everything will be fine but the next night It will cut in & out.
    Thanks again,
  9. It does kinda sound like instrument cables are being used. Double check the impedence rating on each cab and make sure you are using speaker cables. If you use an instrument cable (shielded) it can cause the amp to oscillate and ruin an otherwise perfect head.

    You sound like you know your stuff though so I'll be kinda puzzled if it still happens.
  10. beatloaf


    Aug 5, 2005
    When I was using the Groove head I used the supplied Speakon cable and bought another Speakon cable so I know those can't be instrument cables. :) I've got some things to try.
    Thanks for all the help!
  11. Guessing here, but if you have the trouble with a 1x15 and 4x10 paired up, and also with a 1x15 and 2x10 paired, try the 4x10 and 2x10 paired up and see what happens.

    Maybe the 1x15 is really 4 ohms?, leading to a 2.667 ohm load when paired with either 8 ohm 2x10 and 4x10 cabs? That could lead to overheating, exaggerated in hot conditions or with inadequate cooling airflow. Any one by itself might not trip the protection circuits, but any 2 of low ohm load, hot weather, partially blocked cooling airflow, or all 3 could cause thermal protection circuits to kick in.