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I'm building a new "bass" from an old P.O.S. one.... Advice please?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by DLake, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. DLake


    Apr 18, 2005

    I'm building a bass from my old POS Bass that i basically inherited.

    To start with I have a Lyon by Washburn Bass, yup its a POS, maybe sold for $199 back when it was brand new... Maybe...

    But it feels great though, I played alright but it needed lots of TLC. I think it sat in a humid area for a long period of time and alot of metal parts/bolts have rust on them, the pots have corrosion all over them and dont work at all and the neck was bowed pretty badly.

    But it is all fixable. I have an ibanez that I'm in love with and plays well, but I want to do a little science experiment here with the Lyon.

    I'm in a band and we do some crazy progressive dark rock with raggae, dub, and drum n bass and hip hop influences... We have a keyboard player and sometimes some of his patches are in the same frequency as my 4string ibanez... and i want to get LOWER.

    A 5 string is an option, but they feel weird, and i have no money, and if i buy another bass I want a really nice 4 string.... so this leads me to my other quest.

    I was talking to some guys at work about putting the 5String (the low B) from a 5 string onto my 4 string lyons, they said it would work and one of them has done it but there would be some slight modifying (which im not scared to do). Long story short, i decided to string my 4 string Lyon with the big 4 strings from a 5 string set and get rid of that 1st HIGH G.

    I know mods and trust rod adjustments and intenation adjustments and this and that will be done but whatever i got the bass for free so im down for wahtever.

    I dont know too much, but i have D.I.Y.'d alot of things in my life and im no stranger to the dremmel, a hammer and some solder and spray paint.

    So i already took teh whole damn thing apart and I'm giong to sand it down and repaint the body and do this that to it, clear coat he mess out of it, etc. etc. bake it in an oven, burn it with a lighter, etc.

    Now basically my questions are this

    (Oh i work in the Pro-Audio department at Guitar Center, so I have access to alot of stuff, but i dont know shizzle about guitars, and i hate bothering the guys at work)

    1- Where can I get new pickups for it? I want nice low end sounding pickups. Also i dont want to spend mroe than about $40-$50 on EVERYTHING for this project. I dont want an amzing sounding bass, just something that is nice.

    2- Where can i get pots for it? I heard of a website that sells all different types of pots.

    3- Where can I get new line input jacks?

    4- Where can I get a new pickguard... I dont like the white, i want to paint it a dark brown color. Can i paint the pickguard? Since its plastic i dunno how well it will hold up.

    5- Any advice on painting the body and clearcoating it? I dont want to have the paint oozing off in like 4 months. What type of wood is usually used on basses?

    Thanx alot, i know this is alot of info, and i dont nkow how to search for those types of questions, but thank ya very much for reading and ur input in advance.

    :hyper: :bassist:



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  2. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member