I'm confused by Speakon cables

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  1. My amp is an EBS 350 which has two neutrik speakon outputs.
    I used to play through Bag End. Those speakers have the input wired backwards so I had my cable rewired to make the amp work with that cabinet.
    Now I'm using Avatar speakers and the cable only works one way.I cannot reverse the ends. That is weird.
    I want to get a cable for my second Avatar cabinet but I'm confused now. I don't want to end up with the two cabinets being out of phase and I also don't like the fact that the cable I do have works only in one direction.
    So I'm thinking about buying two cables.I looked at some threads about the different variations of these cables. Some have 4 wires others have two.
    The cabs I'm using are single 12" with a tweeter and I'm not bi-amping.So I'm thinking a two wire cable should be all I need, right?.
    There's a bunch of them on e-bay, can you guys tell me what I should be looking for?
  2. B-string

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    Get 4 conductor speakons with 2 wire cable.

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