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  1. AAAAAA. LOOK AT ME!!~!! im soo excited now :hyper: I have been mooching off talkbass for liek..a year and a half and i felt bad. I have a t-shirt, hoodie, ect. But still..not a supporter. So the other night im like "dad, gimmie your credit card" and i handed him 20$ (i think he put it back in my wallet) and i joined!!~!! Its like..sure i get to chat and stuff in the live chat...but mainly, i joined to have an avatar!!~!! becuase i know that i recognise peoples avatar before there name, and now that i have one, i can be..recognised!!~!! AAAAAA. just..excited im no longer a moocher :hyper: oh and that liek.2. years old, and i shoudl get a new one with my ampeg hat on! etnies is like..a skater hat. I skated for like...a month and then i decided "i have no idea what im doing..." :)

    - Nick

  2. Being an SM is pretty fun.;)