i'm going crazy...fodera model 2000,bbe di 100x,trilogic,what's better?....aah!

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  1. fede162162


    Apr 6, 2006
    hi guys!

    i need a good preamp-pedal which can improve the sound of my confortable markbass.

    i need a "clean sound improvement".

    the choice is between:
    fodera model 2000
    BBE di 100x
    Xotic tri-logic

    i heard only samples, but i need your words. which is BETTER for clean sounds??
    (if can have great clean plus great OD it's not a problem at all :):smug: )

    and then...there are other many options...
    mxr m80..
    Seymour Duncan Paranormal..
    SANSAMP VT BASS. what about its clean sounds?

    ps please don't consider the price problem,i need feedback only on sound!
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    Oct 17, 2005
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    It's a difficult question to answer, because "clean" can mean "no change to the signal" or it can mean "lots of change, but no buzzy clipping of the signal". With the ones that involve a lot of change to the signal, that change can be EQ, it can be compression, it can be an "exciter/maximizer", it can be subtle harmonic distortion (e.g. from tubes) that does not sound like distortion, etc.

    Could you tell us in greater detail what's wrong with the tone of the Markbass, and what are you trying to achieve? What do you wish was "different" about your sound?
  3. fede162162


    Apr 6, 2006
    soory you've right,now i will be accurate:

    as you said: "lots of change, but no buzzy clipping of the signal"

    this is what i want!
    markbass have a too acid clean steril sound. i love it on high freq,and i like the musical mid eq,but i don't like the bass freq. range.
    adding BDDI i have great light OD.
    but in this moment i'm playing a lot of clean pop music,and it's better use clean or almost clean sound...so i want a outboard preamp to bypass markbass preamp for a different and improved clean sound.(and why not,to use in Rec,when i go always direct in the mix)

    in these hours i've searched,read,heard...
    i was almost definitively oriented toward the Fodera model 2000.....but a talkbass member said to me:
    "I have owned or tried all of the preamps that you listed and I think that the BASS VT is better than all of them. It's clean tones are great and have alot of variations"

    so now i am furtherly confused....if VT it's better also on clean sounds(and no doubt it's great on OD),then this is the perfect machine, and i pay it new the same that the Fodera used.

    have you ever tried Fodera model 2000?