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I'm going Custom

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by belair57, Jun 21, 2001.

  1. Well I just got my new bass and I also got a new job at which, by summer's end I should make about $2500. So I decided to put some away and use the rest for a DP Custom bass. Here are the specs I e-mailed him. Please feel free to make suggestions or comments.

    5 String Bass
    Woods - Ash body w/ quilted maple top( I would like an exhibition grade 5A top if you can get it even if it costs extra. Something like this http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1507060&a=11380078&p=40021788) 7 piece neck (Walnut/Maple/Ebony/Maple/Ebony/Maple/Walnut). Pau Ferro Fingerboard.
    Hardware - Gold Hardware. Metal knobs. Schaller Bridge. Strap Locks. Stock tuners. Neutrik locking input jack. Stock nut. Plastic flip out battery holder.
    Electronics - Seymour Duncan Hot Stack Jazz Neck pickup + MM style pickup. SD 3 band eq with slap contour.( On a side note. Is it possible to connect the slap countour switch to the jazz pickup also and add a volume control for the jazz pickup so each pickup has it's own volume control? Also, since both pickups are passive, can you add a switch to go passive and bypass the battery and preamp.
    Custom Options - 35" scale Laminated Headstock w/ same wood as body. Custom body and headstock shapes. (I have included pics of a headstock and body that I like. I know you can't copy them but maybe you could change them slightly so their not exactly the same. I can't draw so I figured I'd show you what I like with photos.) Custom MOP inlay at twelfth fret and on headstock.
    BTW, I'm not including the pics I mentioned but I will tell you that they were of and MTD 535 body and an Fbass headstock.
  2. well first i'd say good idea to go with dave. i personnaly don't like ash but if that is your cup of tea go ahead, i've heard and dave told me that mahogany has better tonal properties. my biggest wondering about your bass is the 7 piece neck, in my opinion, not a good idea. 7 pieces means more glue, more glue could be detrimental to the tone, i'd suggest against it. nothing more than 5 in my opinion, but i prefer 3, stable yet minimal glue(my 2 cents) besides that i say its a nicely layed out bass. also make sure you specify if you want a stain or the tung oil finish. and last but not least specify the number of frets or fretless. i think i covered everything, just trying to help you think of everything you could want. hope i helped, and remember i am not telling you what to do, just giving my opinion, go your own way
  3. thanks. your comments are very much apreciated.
  4. I'm definitely staying with the 7 piece neck I'll probably change the core wood as it can be changed w/o changing the price and I really don't know what the difference in the woods is. I also decided on the frets. It's going to have varying numbers of frets for each string similar to the cort curbow except in the opposite direction. For example, the B string will go up to 24, E to 25, A to 26, D to 27, and G to 28. I don't know if Dave can do it but that's what I want. I'm going all out on this bass. As far as the finish I requested a high gloss polyester finish so the quilted maple really shines. And I haven't said anything to Dave but I'm toying with the idea of a Burst finish over the maple like this Sadowsky.
  5. trainyourhuman


    Apr 12, 2000
    What attachment do you have to the 7 piece neck? Honestly, the more mechanical, ie glued, joints there are on a bass, the more the tone is going to be sapped. The same for the high gloss finish. I understand your desire for a very upascale look, but this does not necessarily yield an upscale tone. However, just between you and me, I too prefer gloss, but for durability reasons. I much prefer the look of the lightly finished wood. Regardless of the nitpicking, I'm sure Dave Pushic will build you an amazing instrument.
  6. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Well Belair...Nice specs! These are my Pushic Specs...
    (6 string bass w/custom Serial #)

    35” scale
    ¾” spacing at bridge
    ½” spacing at nut
    5-Piece maple neck (Maple/Wenge)
    Ebony Fretboard
    Medium Frets
    Abalone “Oval” inlays
    24 frets- Medium
    Quilted Maple top
    Alder Body
    Burst finish Dark Blue
    Matching Veneer
    Type 2 (Classic)
    Biohazard Inlay

    ABM SH 966 Piezo Bridge
    Bartolini (2) xxM56e- Bridge and Mid Positions
    Triple Coil
    Series- Parallel- Single (Phantom)
    2 three way toggles
    Bartolini HR- 5.3 Harness
    Volume- Volume- Bass- Mid- Treble
    Variable Mid center (250hz, 500hz, 800hz) toggle
    Active/Passive switch
    18volt NTMB183G power
    Volume Pot (for Piezo)

    Hipshot Ultralite Tuners (Y-style)
    All gold Hardware (including Brass Frets)
    GraphTeck nut
    Locking Nuetrik Output Jack
    Dunlop Flush Mount Straplocks

    6 Pots, (solid metal, not speed knobs)
    Large- Volume, Volume, Piezo Volume
    Small- Bass, Mid, Treble
    4 Toggles,
    Pickup Selector (Bridge- SPSr)
    Pickup Selector (Neck- SPSr)
    Active/Passive Toggle
    Mid Center Toggle (comes as part of HR-5.3 harness)
  7. I honestly can't understand how a little glue in between the wood could affect the tone at all. How about JT. All of his basses have 7 piece necks and the ones with the melted tops have even more glue. I really don't think it's going to be a big deal and it's what I REALLY want.
  8. whay do you want a 7 piece neck mate?

    3-5 would surfice and it looks alot better, my custom has a 3 piece maple neck with basswood stringers and it looks and feels great, the more pieces you have, the more that can go wrong, wood isn't as stable as you would think,

    i'd recommend a 5 piece using purpleheart, very strong and good looking

    i take from the the 5A top that your not having an exsposed thru neck, so why so many pieces?

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