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I'm Going to See Stephen Lynch...

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by KeithBMI, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. ...again! :) Too bad he won't be with Mitch this time. I got up at 10:00 a.m. to get the tickets. It's at the Michigan Theater. I'm sitting on the main floor. Center, 4th row. :smug:

    He's actually a good musician... IMO.

    OT: There are 151 posts with the word "Toilet Seat" in them. :meh:
  2. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Cool beans.

    "Is it wrong to hope for SIDS?"
  3. Folmeister

    Folmeister Knowledge is Good - Emile Faber Supporting Member

    May 7, 2003
    Tomball, Texas
    I love that guy's work! I am a sucker for musical comedy.
  4. darkfish01


    Feb 11, 2005
    San Marcos, Tx
    Him and Dane Cook should do a tour together.

    Speeecial Fred....
  5. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Man, a Lynch/Cook tour would be awsome. Every night, Dane Cook comes out, and does about 30 seconds of material, and then Lynch comes out and stabs him in a different place with a bowie knife.

    See Lynch be funny, see Cook get stabbed; it'd definitely be worth the price of admission.
  6. Lynch is awesome. I almost didn't go to see him when he came to my college because I had a pretty impressive amount of work to do, but man, am I glad I did!
  7. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    Lynch/Dane would be amazing. However, without Mitch it just won't be the same.

    I haven't looked at a case of forks the same way since he passed.